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Brexit Updates

General Information

With Brexit came a slew of adjustments to online retail's order and delivery processes. We did everything we could to ensure that our consumers were not put at a disadvantage as a result of Brexit, and to minimise the impact of Brexit on the entire purchasing experience.

However, some changes could not be avoided. We have listed the new updates in this regard down-below.

Most importantly: Customs duties and taxes will be incurred by us. No additional costs will be incurred by the customer. We guarantee: The customer only settles the amount that is displayed on our website. Deliveries will be processed by P2P.

Everything you need to know

This page was created to explain the changes that took effect on January 1, 2021, in relation to Brexit. It will be updated on a regular basis to keep you as up to date as possible, but if you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact our Customer Care team at

Yes, absolutely! We're doing everything we can to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

At this moment, all courier are operating as normal so delay in delivery are not expected. 

Nothing changed. it's still FREE on all orders above €40

Amazing news for you! We ship all orders with DDP service, which means All Duties Paid. You will not have to pay anything when you receive your order!

This process is fully automated. When you choose your shipping destination at checkout, VAT should be revamped automatically.

Please contact us at