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  1. The Jet Setter Kit (4x60ml)
  2. Hero Hair Care Collection (3x60ml, 1x30ml)
    John Masters Organics
    Hero Hair Care Collection (3x60ml, 1x30ml)
  3. Festive Gift Set (2x177ml)
    John Masters Organics
    Festive Gift Set (2x177ml)

5 Items

Set Descending Direction

Gift-giving can be a tricky game of picking the perfect item that will send delight to the beauty lover. Take the guesswork out. Alyaka is here to seal the deal with its premium collection of hair care sets that will make their way not only to the deepest roots in the scalp but your loved ones’ hearts as well. 

Hair care is an essential beauty regimen that shouldn’t go neglected. So there’s no reason that your beloved will not appreciate a lovely present made to keep his or her strands healthy from root to tip. 

John Masters Organics knows exactly how to up your mane game with its festive gift set and a limited-edition collection featuring its top-selling hero haircare products! You can also get your loved ones Rahua’s Jetsetter Kit containing all-natural and organic hair care essentials that perfectly exemplify the idea of the farm-to-bottle shower experience. And if we’re talking about hair care gift sets that didn’t come to disappoint, you should definitely count in the offerings of UKA and Grown Alchemist.  

Celebrate clean and gorgeous locks with Alyaka’s hair care sets. Browse our store now!