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  1. Soft Tiger Maxi Scrunchie
  2. Thin Black Elastics x14
  3. Invisible Cable Elastics x4
  4. Shampoo Brush Kenzan Soft

4 Items

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Alyaka works around the clock in ensuring that you get only the best hair care from the moment you take a shower, style your mane, and even to your sleep. We offer hair tools and accessories that are sure to further beautify, tame, polish, and even protect your locks. 

Shampoo brushes from UKA can target the pressure on your scalp, all while cleaning your scalp as you apply shampoo or serum. You should also give Holistic Silk a try! This beauty brand provides silk hair turbans that you can wrap around your mane before you drift off to sleep. They work to protect your hair and allow it to hydrate naturally as you take your beauty rest.     

Additional touches of charm on your hair are never a bad idea as well. If you’re on the lookout for the pins, elastics, and scrunchies, opting for Alyaka’s hair accessories is definitely a step in the right direction. They’re perfect tools in achieving impressive hairdos - whether you’re up for a bun, stylish details on your locks or even if you simply want to keep your baby hairs in place. 

Our online beauty store also offers Bachca’s hair brushes to detangle the frizz and straighten the strands.