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  1. Shield Shampoo 250ml
  2. Shield Conditioner 250ml
  3. Normalizing Conditioner 250ml
  4. Colour Protect Shampoo 250ml
  5. Colour Protect Conditioner 250ml
  6. Intensive Repair Conditioner 250ml
  7. Thickening Conditioner 250ml
  8. Voluminous Dry Shampoo 51g
  9. Feed Your Volume Shampoo 250ml

10 Items

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Giving your mane the nourishment that it needs is only one shower away! Wash and prime your hair with Alyaka’s top-end shampoo and conditioner selection from well-trusted brands such as Noble Isle, John Masters Organics, Rahua, Show Beauty, David Mallett, and more.  

Our online beauty store never fails to provide the best nourishment for your locks. There’s a reason why the hair is tagged as the crowning glory - it can instantly draw attention just by its perfect shine and volume.   

On our shelves are among the best natural and organic hair care solutions with every drop extracted from the earth’s botanicals and precious ingredients. Try them out now! You will see that coming out of the shower is like leaving a salon with beautifully soft, lustrous, and fragrant hair without a single trace of pollutants.  

What are you waiting for? Just a few taps and clicks and you can already add these in-demand hair care essentials in your bathroom cabinets! Order from our store now.