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  1.  Air Dry Spray 124 ml
    Air Dry Spray 124 ml
  2. Leave-In Treatment Light 60ml
  3. Smoothing Hair Balm 17g
  4. Curl Enhancing Lotion 150ml
    SHOW Beauty
    Curl Enhancing Lotion 150ml
  5. Organic Hair Pomade 57g
    John Masters Organics
    Organic Hair Pomade 57g
  6. Rose & Apricot Hair Milk 118ml Out of Stock
    Rose & Apricot Hair Milk 118ml
  7. Volumizing Foam 177ml Out of Stock
    John Masters Organics
    Volumizing Foam 177ml
  8. Gold Dust Volume Powder 7.5g
    David Mallett
    Gold Dust Volume Powder 7.5g
  9. Enchanted Island Salt Spray 124ml
  10. Freestyle Texturizer 105ml
  11. Volume Powder 200ml
    Volume Powder 200ml
  12. Control Cream Curl Styler 120ml
  13. Feed Your Curls Defining Creme 230g Out of Stock
  14. Volume Powder 7.5g
    David Mallett
    Volume Powder 7.5g
  15. Defining Hair Spray 157ml
  16. Feed Your Hold Hair Spray 236ml Out of Stock
  17. Feed Your Roots Mousse 236ml Out of Stock
  18. Voluminous spray 178ml
    Voluminous spray 178ml
  19. Cream Wax 86ml
    Cream Wax 86ml

19 Items

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Impressive mane-styling can steal the show in an instant. Explore any hairdo that you want with Alyaka’s premium collection of hair styling essentials.    

Knowing how to style your hair is the not-so-secret key to pulling off various looks. However, excessive exposure to chemicals, heat, and environmental damages can play havoc on your strands’ health. The good thing is Alyaka is here to ensure that your locks remain healthy as you venture through the waves, perms, dyes, straight hairstyle or just about any trend that you feel like trying out.  

Want to achieve that effortless bounce and volume with ultra-shine effect? Browse through our bountiful offerings of hairstyle products infused with effective natural ingredients that your locks will love. Some of them even have sun protection features and colour correction formula to give your mane a style upgrade the safest way possible! 

Whether you’re aiming for a flawless hair structure, a natural and movable hold, or basically any hairstyle that will make heads turn, creations from Show Beauty, Rahua, John Masters Organics, UKA, and David Mallett, are here to show you how it’s done.