Happy Beauty Set

Happy Beauty Set


La Crème du Jour and Le Booster SUPERFOOD come with a full routine to offer the Absolution!

In this set you get for free:

  • La Crème Douce Démaquillante 15ml
  • La Crème Gommante 15ml
  • Le Soin Repulpant 15ml
Absolution brings us chic French skincare with an eco ethos and innovative formulas.

Thinking about switching to a beauty routine that's not only better for your skin, but also for the environment? With Absolution certified-organic skincare products, you can care for your skin while being kind to the planet. Each of our unisex, non-toxic, antioxidant formulas has been designed to meet your skin's needs, day after day.

Your skin is constantly changing, which is why it should be given active ingredients that can keep up with its needs, while also providing protection and helping to restore its balance and beauty. For the past 10 years, Absolution has been resolutely focused on creating effective skincare products with excellent sensorial qualities, cutting-edge formulas and eco-designed packaging. Products that really work, that respect your skin's ecosystem, that you can adjust to your needs, and are beautiful to look at too...

This exclusive set makes the perfect gift or indulgence and lets you discover the power of our very best botanical ingredients through exceptional products that reflect our stringent standards.

The Happy Skin Beauty Set brings together the Absolution essentials to care for your face. There are no petrochemicals, phthalates, surfactants, mineral oils or parabens – just the very best of nature, for naturally beautiful skin.

The Happy Skin Beauty Set contains:

Le BOOSTER Superfood 15ml: Formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, this serum is tailored to your skin's needs and boasts antioxidant, nourishing and revitalizing benefits. Slightly orange-colored (and nothing says energy like orange!), it gives your skin a boost when it's looking dull and lackluster. Just as its name suggests, Le Booster Superfood acts like a superfood for your skin, improving nourishment and helping it to function like young skin again. It's perfect if your skin is getting you down and needs a new lease of life. Use every day, morning or evening – or both morning and evening if you're getting seriously fed up with what your mirror is telling you! You'll wake up to a more radiant complexion, we promise!

La Crème du Jour 30ml: It protects, energizes and regenerates! Offering both preventive and corrective action, this complete anti-ageing cream is formulated with antioxidant, anti-free radical and hydrating active ingredients, making it the perfect solution to look after your skin throughout your busy, non-stop day. It adapts to all skin moods, helps to regulate skin's metabolism, and leaves a matte finish. And it also makes an excellent makeup base! La Crème Douce Démaquillante Cleansing is the first step to healthy skin, and this cleanser does it all...

La Crème Douce Démaquillante 15ml: Cleanses, removes makeup, softens and restores all skin types – even the most sensitive. Within minutes, it rids skin of stubborn makeup and impurities that have built up over the day, and also has a detoxifying effect. It's not only very effective; it's also very gentle. And because it feels so soft and soothing, it's ideal for sensitive skin.

La Crème Gommante 15ml: Acne scars, dullness, dark patches, blemishes... The skin of your face – just like the skin of your body – changes throughout your life. And it doesn't always have an easy time... But don't worry, as there are ways to deal with dull skin and stubborn scars – such as exfoliating! If you have sensitive skin and you're concerned about exfoliants being too harsh, you'll be glad to know that La Crème Gommante is effective but isn't abrasive. Its microgranules stimulate the skin and help boost its elimination and repair mechanisms – without upsetting it.

Le Soin Repulpant 15ml: It's the secret to bright and beautiful skin – at any time in your life! Le Soin Repulpant is a face mask that combines intense hydration with regenerating, pro-ageing skincare. Ideal for anyone who'd like their skin to look more youthful and radiant, it works deep down, helping to restore density and smooth out the skin. Use as often as you wish to help stop time from taking its toll.

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