No. 27 Hand Soap 300ml

No. 27 Hand Soap 300ml
Smelling of Shea butter, almonds, and subtle sandalwood, the No. 27 Hand Soap is a skin-nourishing must-have for those with strenuous, hands-on, in-public careers. read more...

Beautifully scented with the richness of almonds, pine, and red sandalwood – the Rue de Marli no 27 Bois Precieux Hand Soap is as much beneficial as it is fragrant and lovely. The ingredients are essential oils with reputable healthful properties, perfect for smoothing and healing while cleansing and moisturizing your hands. The ultra-soft Bois Precieux by Rue de Marli is gently blended with Shea butter, encouraging silken skin that is protected against the harshness of work and inclement weather.

In addition to being highly effective when it comes to moisturizing and promoting healthy skin, the Rue de Marli Bois Precieux Hand Soap uses Argan oils to encourage natural beauty. These components of Rue de Marli no. 27 sink into your skin cells, enhancing your innate glow and bolstering your natural protection against harmful germs. The combination of ingredients Rue de Marli no. 27 also smell amazing, and – unlike other hand soaps – Bois Precieux leaves behind no sticky residue after use. You can use this hand soap multiple times throughout the day!

When you visit someone’s home for the first time, the scents you encounter are the personalities of the occupants – and most people want their homes, as they want their bodies, to smell pleasant, amazing, and great. This is why we love Rue de Marli – because they understand the importance of great-smelling products that spread sweet, alluring scents throughout a house, apartment, office, or really anywhere. Their candles and bath products are also 100% organic, using plant-based extracts and essential oils to create a plethora of appealing, beautiful fragrances. The scent combinations are designed to tantalize and express, conveying the uniqueness of the person using them.

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