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  1. Boundless Solid Oil 50g
    8 Faces
    Boundless Solid Oil 50g

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You deserve a luxurious skincare that does not only end in pampering your face but even down to the areas from your chin to your chest. Alyaka’s stocks of neck and décolleté creams and serum will reveal youthful and firm skin and keep it healthy through every layer. 

The neck has thinner skin as compared to other body parts, making it one of the areas that manifest the premature signs of ageing. Sun damages, dark pigmentations, sags, and undesirable textures are only a few of the woes that populate your chest zones. You need a skincare that will boost the production of collagen and elastin in your neck and décolleté. Find the solution right here in our online beauty store. 

Formulated from the Earth’s botanicals and other wrinkle-fighting agents, our decollete and neck creams are proven to enhance your skin’s elasticity and tone. The most favored beauty brands in the UK like 8 Faces, UMA, Sarah Chapman, and Zelens fill our shelves so you better check them out today! 

Don’t wait for fine lines and creases to start etching into your neck skin. Now is the perfect time to devote to Alyaka’s decollete and neck skincare products that are sure to tighten and lift your skin.