Exfoliators and Peels

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  1. Enzyme Exfoliator, 50ml Enzyme Exfoliator, 50ml New
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Enzyme Exfoliator, 50ml
  2. Clarity Mask 50ml
    Clarity Mask 50ml
  3. Clarity Spot Treatment 10ml
  4. Four Acid Peel 30ml
    The Organic Pharmacy
    Four Acid Peel 30ml
  5. Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C & Papaya  60ml
  6. Como Popp-E Scrubby Wash 100ml Como Popp-E Scrubby Wash 100ml Out of Stock
  7. Kalima Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder 100ml
  8. Bioactive Rose Gommage 50ml
  9. Retinoid Sleep Serum Level 1 0.2% 30ml
  10. Retinoid Sleep Serum Level 2 0.5% 30ml
  11. Liquid Mask 30ml
    Oskia Skincare
    Liquid Mask 30ml
  12. Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask  60ml Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask  60ml
    Evolve Organic Beauty
    Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask 60ml
  13. Radiance Exfoliant & Mask 30g
    Mauli Rituals
    Radiance Exfoliant & Mask 30g
  14. Copper Peel 16x8ml
    Copper Peel 16x8ml
    Special Price $88.00 Regular Price $160.00
  15. N°1 Enzyme Peel 50ml
    Verso Skincare
    N°1 Enzyme Peel 50ml
  16. Jungle Glow Cleanser+Mask 100ml
  17. The Double Action Exfoliating Cream 55ml
  18. Enzyme Exfoliant: Papain & Amino Complex 75ml
  19. Micro Exfoliating Balm 50ml
    Oskia Skincare
    Micro Exfoliating Balm 50ml
  20. Renaissance Mask 50ml
    Oskia Skincare
    Renaissance Mask 50ml
  21. Polishing Facial Exfoliant 75ml
    Grown Alchemist
    Polishing Facial Exfoliant 75ml

24 Items

Set Descending Direction

Alyaka has a huge inventory of Natural Face Masks and Peel Off Face Masks to create the best pampering experience for you. Our set of natural face masks can exfoliate the skin and produce soft and blemish-free results. 

Exfoliating your face is an important skincare routine that gets rid of the dead skin cells and peels off the dull layer of your skin. Neglecting this regimen paves the way for the build-up of pollutants and impurities. Try out Alyaka's natural face masks and peel off masks and you will never skip skin exfoliation again! You’ll definitely love the feeling of having a soft and smooth that stays pure through every pore.  

We offer promising natural and organic products that only came from the most trusted brands in skincare - Odacite, Oskia Skincare, Grown Alchemist, Aurelia London, Omorovicza, Verso Skincare, UMA, etc. Give our natural face masks a try to see the difference in choosing only the best skincare products.