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  1. Lip Mask 15ml Lip Mask 15ml
    Henne Organics
    Lip Mask 15ml
  2. Boundless Solid Oil 50g Boundless Solid Oil 50g Out of Stock
  3. Lip Serum 10ml
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    Lip Serum 10ml
  4. Luxury Lip Balm 10ml Out of Stock
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    Luxury Lip Balm 10ml
  5. Luxury Lip Balm V2 5g
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    Luxury Lip Balm V2 5g

5 Items

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Let your pout steal the spotlight. Alyaka offers the best lip balms and treatments to keep your lips moisturised, soft, and sexy-looking all day!

Our online beauty store makes the task of keeping lips protected from harsh elements easy, giving you supple and well-nourished lips. You will never run out of choices of the best lip balms that are naturally formulated to heal, repair, moisturise, and condition dry and chapped lips.

Try out Verso Skincare’s lip serum, Ilia Beauty’s lip exfoliator, UMA’s anti-ageing lip oil, and Olio E Osso tinted balm for lips that can put the others in the shade. These are your ultimate beauty essentials to regenerate and hydrate your lips whilst redefining the contours and enhancing the volume.

Other expert-recommended skincare brands in the UK include Odacite, John Masters Organics, RMS Beauty, Ilia Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Oskia Skincare, and the list goes on! Trust us - you’re missing out on a lot of things if these lip care brands and products aren’t in your beauty pouch.  

What are you waiting for? Put on Alyaka’s natural and organic lip essentials to level-up your pout game!