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  1. Pure 27 30ml Pure 27 30ml
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    Pure 27 30ml
  2. Recovery 27 30ml Recovery 27 30ml
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    Recovery 27 30ml
  3. Creme Bio-Logique 27 50ml Creme Bio-Logique 27 50ml
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    Creme Bio-Logique 27 50ml

4 Items

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Brand leaders of Alyaka are setting the standards in producing all-natural cream that locks in necessary moisture to keep the skin healthy and glowing. These cruelty-free and environment-friendly products not only nurture the thin skin of the face but also provides a protective layer against external pollution.

  • Day creams contain antioxidant properties and provide SPF protection against harmful exposure to sunlight.

  • Evening creams use luxurious essential oils to deeply nourish the skin and avoid flakiness, dryness, cracks, and irritation.

  • Natural components such as chamomile, sage and wort flowers deeply penetrate the skin to stimulate a high level of skin regeneration.

  • Adaptive moisturisation enables products to give the appropriate level of moisturisation the skin needs. Hyaluronic acid and the likes provide intense hydration to restore natural moisture levels.

  • High level of nutrients replenishes and revitalises the skin whilst you’re resting.

  • Lightweight cream and impeccable consistency to conveniently use these products daily.