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  1. Hyaluron Serum 30ml
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Hyaluron Serum 30ml
  2. Nutrient concentrate 30ml
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Nutrient concentrate 30ml
  3. Moisturising Mask 50ml
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Moisturising Mask 50ml
  4. Enzyme Peel 50ml
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Enzyme Peel 50ml
  5. Age-Repair Gel Masque 75ml
    Grown Alchemist
    Age-Repair Gel Masque 75ml
  6. Synergie[4] Masque Sachet Box (7 sachets)
  7. Gold Night Drops 30ml
    Gold Night Drops 30ml
  8. The Probiotic Concentrate 10ml
    Aurelia London
    The Probiotic Concentrate 10ml
  9. Blemish Gel 10ml
    The Organic Pharmacy
    Blemish Gel 10ml
  10. Clarity Spot Treatment 10ml

12 Items

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Alyaka takes pride in offering all natural and organic skin treats that effectively nourish the skin without the harsh effects! We have a line of natural skin treats for organic body care and skin treatment that nourish the skin in the most natural and chemical-free way. We only offer the purest and most natural skin treats that are specifically formulated to support your needs. Alyaka's organic skin treats come with the most trusted brands in skincare treatment including Earth Tu Face, May Lindstrom, Dr. Jackson's, Skin & Bones, and Verso Skincare.