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5 Best Natural And Organic Eyeliners 2023

by Editor on Oct 18, 2022


Not only long eyelashes are able to emphasisze the beauty of our eyes. Arrows of different shapes and colours are best suited to add additional effects and enhance the depth of our look. An eyeliner or pencil and a couple of skilful strokes can completely change your look, add mystery or playfulness to your look, and even visually correct the shape of your eyes.

Eye pencils are products that directly add to the glamorous share of your make-up. At Alyaka, we know for sure that finding the one that best suits your skin as tricky as discovering the right pair of denims that fit you ideally! Several factors should be considered before selecting an eye pencil. It must be:

  • safe and unharmful¬†
  • comfortable to put on¬†
  • durable¬†
  • and perhaps water-resistant (if you‚Äôre going for that sexy beach look)

When you do finally find a product that works best for you, it’s better to stick with it. The skin on your eyelids is sensitive, and it’s essential to take good care of it.

To end what seems like a never-ending battle, Alyaka made a top-5 list of natural and organic eyeliners of 2023 that will unquestionably work in your favour. With the correct set of components and long-lasting formulas, nothing can stop you from getting that perfect winged look while still keeping it natural and biological!

Keep on reading to discover our fabulous products!



A hygienic (carbon and cyclomethycaine free) clean line gel liner with a unique formula: it has the accuracy of a gel and a pencil’s comfort. This gel eyeliner glides smoothly and allows for blending out without difficulty. Once set, it stays put. This waterproof gel liner is represented in two colours: brown and black. 

How to Apply: Glide across your lash line and blend out swiftly to create a Smokey look or leave as is for a defined, bold look. After usage, make sure to press the cover in place to ensure it is airtight. You can sharpen this liner when needed. 



This pencil is made with a formula that is rich in antioxidants and has plant-based pigmentation. Because of this, it stays soft and creamy for graceful blending. You can achieve various effects, from a subtle yet precise look to a bolder, more dramatic definition. Great for those looking for a versatility that brings either subtleness or an extra dramatic look. Available in three shades.

How to Apply: Contour to perfection by gliding over lids to shape and define. Since this is an organic ingredient pencil, you should use just a small amount of product during your routine. After usage, make sure to press the cover in place to ensure it is airtight. Doesn’t require sharpening.



An ultra-fine tip, which glides over the eyelid without tugging or pulling, gives this product the magic ability to create a precise result. It guarantees smooth, even lines, dries quickly, and stays on all day. No harmful substances that could damage your eyelids and eye area’s sensitive skin were used in this product. It is 97% natural and 68% organic.

How to Apply: Put on to the lash line and shape width depending on the desired intensity.



A neutral, balanced black colour for the perfect eye contouring job. This pencil has a soft, smooth consistency that gives a rich colour and a smooth, satin finish. Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, 99% comes from organic farming. Its main components include organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and naturally occurring mineral pigments: no artificial ingredients and no animal testing.

How to Apply:  Apply directly from pencil for precise definition. For a softer look, smudge the line using a brush.


 Your eyes will sparkle with this one! A real cult-hero, this allrounder is used for precise highlighting along lash lines, eye corners, your cupid’s bow, and waterline. This luminescent pencil is distinctive from old-style use of stark white in the waterline because it leaves a natural light-reflective, alluring glow. This natural pencil promptly and effortlessly revivifies your eyes, adding to an overall glow. Available in two shades.

How to Apply: Gently twist the pencil to put on wherever you would like more glow, such as along the lash line, corner of eyes, waterline or cupid’s bow.

Now that we’ve discovered this year’s best 5 natural and organic outliners let’s take a more in-depth look at how they can affect our delicate skin.

How Eyeliner Can Affect Our Sensitive Eyes and Eyelids

While we love how spectacular eyeliners look, people with delicate eyes can suffer from them. Chances are, non-organic and artificial-ingredient liners will irritate your eyes and damage your eyesight. Since it is applied just above your eyelid, it can slide into your eye quite easily, especially if it is not smudge-proof. This can cause discomfort, irritation, and itching to sensitive eyes. Hence, you must include products that ensure a good colouration yet are skin-friendly.

People who wear contact lenses should be particularly careful with the selection and application of eyeliners. They usually contain oils and wax, which are difficult to remove from the surface of optical products and, if accumulated, can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation. Also, along with cosmetic particles, pathogenic microbes can enter the lenses, which lead to various eye infections, fraught with a decrease in visual acuity or blurred vision.

Cosmetic liners are (liquid) pencils, with which the so-called arrows are usually drawn on the eyes. Scientists have found that the use of liquid eyeliners can be hazardous and negatively affect the eyes’ health. Researchers studied options for applying eyeliner to the lash line’s inner and outer sides and then compared the number of cosmetic particles that got into the eyes. 

The experiment results showed that, regardless of which side of the eyelash line was applied, its components invariably penetrated the tear film. But in the case when the eyes were painted from the inside, 15-30% more particles got into the eyes, so the rate of their penetration was higher. We can conclude that it is absolutely necessary to use natural and organic eye products only!

The Perfect Line

Eyeliner puts your eyes in the spotlight, literally and figuratively. But it often seems like a hopeless and unsuccessful make-up job. Fortunately, with these six easy tricks, you too will soon shine and show off a professional look!

Step 1: Put your elbow on the table so that you have a steady hand. Stretch your skin a little.

Step 2: Draw an eyeliner line on your top lash line, but stay away from the corners. Put small lines if necessary.

Step 3: Now draw a wafer-thin line from your inner corner of the eye and connect it with the line you just made.

Step 4:¬†Now, it gets a little more complicated. The ‚Äúwing,‚ÄĚ or the outer part of your eyeliner, starts on the imaginary line between the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow. The higher you go on this line, the more dramatic your look is. Place a business card against your cheek to determine the boundary.

Step 5: First, put a dot to where you want to put the eyeliner. Now connect this with the line that is already there, from the outside to the inside.

Step 6:¬†If necessary, fill in some more and make the ‚Äúwing‚ÄĚ thicker.

Alyaka: A Safety Haven for Your Eyes

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. At Alyaka, we believe that such windows deserve the most dazzling framing out there. Alyaka is your partner in refined beauty, with a wide variety of beautiful eye powders made from harmless components.

Unlike many store-bought eye products, which are bursting with perfumes, parabens, and more, our eye make-up is formulated using a fusion of our planet’s cleanest ingredients. With Alyaka, you never have to worry about chemicals or irritants. Our eye products will enhance your natural beauty.

What our customers like most about Alyaka’s range of eye make-up products is that it lasts a long time. A really long time. Whether you’re going for a natural look or a bold cat eyeliner style, Alyaka is your partner. We have mineral eyeshadow, natural eyeliner, and mascara, along with a nice range of eyebrow products that you will undoubtedly love.

Once started with organic make-up, there is really no going back. It’s almost an addiction. Instead of shopping endlessly and trying a variety of different brands, choose Alyaka and find products that make you happy. Our eye make-up is versatile too. You can even mix our beautiful eyeshadows with each other or with a moisturiszing cream to create a creamy formula.