We love Odacite because it is a genuine, passionate brand, made better by the creative minds and imaginative hearts that head each project. Rather than bombard prospective customers with fake scents that promise everything and deliver nothing, Odacite creatives have a chemist expertise that they share with their devoted customers. Each product concoction is deliciously nourishing to your skin cells – and it all revolves around the healing powers and science of nature.

Another reason we love Odacite is because they combine all-natural ingredients to create healing scents that serve dual purposes – as both therapeutic, pleasant aromas, and skin-softening, blemish-fighting oils.

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Read More About The Brand

The Pure Oils of the Odacite Collections

Now with booming boutiques around the world – Odacite, which is a French word for audacity, brings in fresh, pure, natural ingredients from all over the globe. These creative minds, headed by Valérie Grandury, scoured for the best elements for their oils. Named for their ingredients, the Odacite products promise soothing, smoothing, softening healing with a single drop. Over time, that single drop transforms, working deep into skin cells to rejuvenate, replenish, rehydrate, and restore. Which is nothing short of magic, especially for those struggling with damaged, sensitive skin. These pure oils are blended time and time again, ensuring absolute perfection with a strong, healthy dose of antioxidants, nutrients, and active minerals.

The Creator & Her Therapeutic Expertise

French-born and beautiful – Valérie Grandury received a heart-stopping revelation in 2004…she had developed breast cancer. While this revelation would have floored most people, Valérie decided to eliminate the stressors in her life, beginning with her film business career. She quit, moving to California to return to school for her true passion as a wellness and health coach. The rest, as they say, is history. In 2009, Valérie Grandury partnered with Romain Gaillard – a guru of everything business. Together, these two launches a holistic line-up of Pure Elements – organic skincare that has flourishes to over 30 countries…all inspired by one woman’s passion and newfound therapeutic expertise.

Skin-Soothing Benefits

The benefits of nature have never been a secret, as from the beginning of humans, we have sought to heal, repair, and beautify with plants. Often times, we look at native tribes that still exist today and wonder how they survive. When in reality, they look back at us and wonder the same thing, seeing as how most people are riddled with the harsh chemicals of the modern world. Odacite sticks close to nature, studying what works best for others to determine what will work best for everyone. Cleopatra was known to use Moringa oil to keep her skin looking young, while geishas in Japan maintained their luminous glow with Camelia oil. These are the kinds of classic, skin-soothing benefits that Odacite strives for, with a contemporary twist.

The Odacite Pure Elements Collection

Encompassing natural ingredients from around the world, the Odacite Pure Elements Collection has a uniqueness that begins with the names of each product in the selection. For example, Ro + Y is a combination of rosehips and ylang ylang. Hence the name that combines the two elements into a single title and benefit. This concoction is also one of their most popular, as the global ingredients are concentrated to banish wrinkles and fine lines, while restoring skin to a youthful, glowing appearance. Currently numbering 18 in the Odacite Pure Elements Collection, these products range from youth serums and age-defying oils, to facial concentrates to soothe and rejuvenate sensitive skin.

Pure Elements Sets for Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation

The Odacite Pure Elements Sets are a combination of products, making the perfect, ultimate skin rejuvenation additive to any skincare regimen. The Wrinkle Fighter combines Ac + R with Ro + Y, making it an epic age-defier. Radiant Glow, another fan favorite, intermingles C a R with Gt + L. This infusion of green tea adds a double dose of moisturizing power. Clear and Balanced, a combination of Pe + C and Bl + C, does exactly what the name suggests – cleaning and rebalancing the vitamin levels within your skin cells. While, last but certainly not least, Ultimate Hydration is a mash-up of Mo + P and Ma + N that floods skin cells with much-needed moisture.