Twelve Beauty

Welcome to the world of Twelve Beauty, where purity, natural ingredients, and effectiveness converge to deliver exceptional skincare results. Founded by Pedro Catalá, a pharmacist and botanist, Twelve Beauty is a luxurious skincare brand dedicated to creating products that are both safe and highly potent.

At Twelve Beauty, we believe that simplicity and efficacy go hand in hand. Our meticulously curated formulations harness the power of nature's finest botanicals to address various skin concerns, ensuring a harmonious balance between your skin and the environment.

Step into a realm of clean, green beauty as we invite you to explore our range of thoughtfully crafted skincare products. Discover the transformative power of Twelve Beauty, where science and nature unite to reveal the radiant beauty within you. Experience the art of sophisticated simplicity with Twelve Beauty, your trusted ally on the path to healthier, happier skin.


Twelve Beauty

Twelve Beauty Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil 100ml

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Twelve Beauty Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil 30ml - Free
Twelve Beauty Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil 30ml
Twelve Beauty

Twelve Beauty Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil 30ml

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Sale price $215.00 Regular price
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Twelve Beauty Clementine Cleansing Balm 100ml - Free
Twelve Beauty Clementine Cleansing Balm 100ml
Twelve Beauty

Twelve Beauty Clementine Cleansing Balm 100ml

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Sale price $60.00 Regular price
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Read More About The Brand

Mastermind Behind Twelve Beauty

Pedro Català, the creator of TWELVE BEAUTY, is a chemist by education who merges his scientific expertise in pharmacy, botany, and cosmetology with 20 years of experience in plants and herbology into a one-of-a-kind approach for contemporary urban skincare. After years of study, he developed TWELVE BEAUTY - natural organic skin care. A unique prize for beautiful skin.

A Word From Pedro

“Twelve is the result of my life-long search to find the very best botanicals in the world! proven to transform even the most sensitive skin. My 12 cherry-picked and exhaustively tested wonder ingredients are 100% natural, ethically-sourced and ever gentle, even when used at their highest possible potency“, Pedro Català

A Revolutionary Reward For Healthy Skin

TWELVE BEAUTY formulations aid in the prevention and recovery of skin damage, increasing skin functionality and promoting healthy skin on the inside and out.The best plant-based solution has been developed to offer much needed comfort to irritated, sensitive, and reactive (or allergy-prone) skin.

Eco-friendly Formulas

The entire TWELVE series is entirely paraben-free, silicone-free, petrochemical-free, glycol-free, and sulphate-free. All formulations are based on plants and adhere to strict criteria in terms of green chemistry. They are also naturally scented with floral extracts and traces of essential oils and use only natural emulsifiers.

Who Is This Brand For?

TWELVE is especially suitable for: Sensitive, or delicate, fine textured skin that tends to become dry, or has acne Skin prone to flushing from temperature changes (both extreme cold and heat) Skin exposed to harsh atmospheric elements (wind, sun, cold, pollution) and chemicals (soap, medication) Skin suffering from stress, or hormonal changes Skin pre-disposed to allergic reactions

Why Natural and Organic?

Key Facts for most popular questions.