Verso Skincare

We love and admire Verso skincare because they are dedicated to creating the highest quality skin products for their customers and they pride themselves in creating products that legitimately work. Their products are proven to make your skin appear younger and healthier through their formula called Retinol 8; which they have designed to be 8 times more effective than typical Retinol in the same dosage. We also love Verso because they have taken the time to do all the steps necessary to be a leading developer in the skincare industry, and they have their customers' best interests in mind.

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Read More About The Brand

Brand Creators

Verso was created in Sweden by Selego AB, who also developed the substance Retinol 8 – which is designed to be 8 times more effective than typical Retinol and does not have the skin irritation side effects, and is only minimally affected by UV radiation. Selego AB was started in 2011 by Lars Fredriksson and Anders Hakansson. Selego develops skincare products in collaboration with various scientists and doctors, some of whom work at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Anders Hakansson is also the CEO for Evolan Pharma medical company, while Lars Fredriksson has a long background in the skincare industry, where he has also developed Jabu’she, Swedish Skincare System and Restylane Skincare.


Verso’s high quality collection of skincare products contain a formula called Retinol 8 – a unique complex of Vitamin A derivative and polyphenol extracts. It is designed to be 8 times more effective than the typical Retinol, and does not have the irritation-like side effects. Verso’s skincare products are clinically proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce pigmentation and supply the skin with more oxygen – resulting in finer, more radiant looking skin. Every Verso products has a unique concentration of Retinol 8 combined with specific ingredients, all created to target a variety of needs. Verso products have undergone thorough testing and are safe for everyday use.

8 Truths About Verso

1) Verso is the first non-prescription high dose Vitamin A derivative that can safely be used in the daytime. 2) It is proven to be 8 times more effective than standard Retinol products on the market today. 3) Verso’s formula helps your skin cells mimic how younger skin cells behave by increasing the production of collagen. 4) Verso is pure, there is no damaging parabens, mineral oils or other harmful substances. 5) Verso comes in air tight containers that prevent oxidization and contamination. 6) Substantial clinical trials have proven that Verso is safe and effective. 7) Verso is unique and contains patented technologies. 8) Verso is created to reverse the signs of aging.

The Science Behind Verso

Verso’s cream base is formulated with skin-compatible liquid crystals that are made to mimic the skin’s surface lipid composition and it has the property to physiologically integrate themselves into your skins lipid barrier. This technology allows Verso products to maintain the skin barrier integrity, prevents skin evaporation and accumulates water in the skin, making it soft, beautiful and healthy. The revolutionary Retinol 8 complex contains vital ingredients that are mixed in different combinations to help your skin restore itself to its youthful look and feel. Retinol 8 is found only in Verso Skincare products and is clinically proven to be 8 times more efficient than typical non-prescription Vitamin A products.

Understand Verso

Verso is created with Retinol 8, which is in fact less irritating on your skin than other Retinol products and it can be used on sensitive skin – you can start by putting a small amount on your forearm to be sure of no reaction before using on your face. Verso products have been developed for everyday use though it is advised that you don’t use Verso during pregnancy as it contains a Vitamin A derivative. Verso does not contain parabens or mineral oils but instead are preserved with a small amount of phenoxyethanol. You can expect to see results in just four weeks, the effect that Verso has with increase with prolonged use. Verso has been skincare tested in a double blind, placebo controlled split face study under the supervision of Dr. Margareta and it has not been tested on animals. Verso benefits all skin types and can be used by those from young adults to seniors.