Cosmetics 27 Intense Hydration Skin Routine Page Description

My concern: My skin is dry to dehydrated. It is uncomfortable, stinging during the day, and it lacks radiance. I would like to regain a hydrated skin and natural glow.

My routine: Your skin clearly needs deep hydration. We recommend to drink plenty of water and adopt products that will deeply rehydrate your skin and prevent from dehydration.

Adopt the Intense Hydration routine:

1- Moisturize and stimulate regeneration and radiance: Apply Essence 27 morning and night. It moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis and in depth, it also replenishes the water reserves of the skin.

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2- Hydrate and protect: Apply Crème Bio-logique 27, the protective and anti pollution cream, in the morning.

All our skin routines first require a complete cleansing/make up removing treatment with Cleanser 27. We advise to adopt this routine on a daily basis for lasting results.

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