Max&Me Skincare Beauty Routine - Depleted Dull

Welcome to our rejuvenating ceremony, beautiful! We understand the demands of today's world can leave us feeling depleted, exhausted and ultimately reflect on our skin, leaving it lackluster. At Max and Me, we believe in the power of self-care to help reinvigorate our spirits and shift our energy. Our small, yet potent, ritual can bring about a big change in your perception, feelings, and overall vibrancy.
Our energy-boosting products are designed to support your skin and your inner self. We encourage you to establish a Max and Me ritual in your daily routine, especially in the morning and evening, to set the space for deep replenishment. Our products are infused with natural, high-vibe ingredients that whisper words of encouragement to help restore your skin's radiance and vitality.
Our ceremony is about honoring the beautiful creature that you are, and we believe the answers lie within you. Let our products guide you towards the light and help you discover your inner vibrancy. Remember, this feeling of exhaustion is temporary, and with Max and Me, you can move forward into the light and reveal your most radiant skin yet.

Mask & Wash

Indulge in the magic of our highly enzymatic honey treat, designed to unveil the unicorn in you. This potent elixir is packed with powerful ingredients that deeply nurture both your skin and soul. Feel the tension melt away as you enjoy the rich, chocolaty and healingly earthing fragrance. Master healers, such as Mangosteen, Cacao and Kaolin Clay work together with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to create a lush mousse that encourages radiance, hydration, brightness and rejuvenation. The result is smooth, soft and even toned skin that shines with intense moisturization, pore-oxygenation and gentle exfoliation. This jar holds the boost you have been craving.

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I Am The Light

Looking for a way to rekindle your creativity and joy for life? Look no further than this golden facial oil blend. With each drop, you'll feel invigorated and inspired, as your skin, energy, and ideas flow freely once again. Breathe deep and feel the transformative power of this luminous blend, as it ignites your microcirculation, your qi, and your curiosity. Formulated to stimulate your third eye connection, this oil blend will brighten your face and your mind, giving you the boost you need to shine your brightest.

Max&Me I Am The Light’ Face Oil 30ml - Free Shipping
Max&Me I Am The Light’ Face Oil 30ml - Free Shipping

Max&Me I Am The Light' Face Oil 30ml

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Beauty Balm

This balm is full of vibrancy. A beautiful silky texture that nourishes and replenishes the skin, providing a lush floral serenade of deeply fortifying moisture.

Rich in restorative essential fatty acids and skin protective antioxidants, this buttery balm melts into your skin. Massage it in to unlock the abundant goodness of the serenity embodied within. Your skin will feel caressed by this golden-hued cocoon while your spirit can indulge in its warm embrace.

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Want Some More?

The Intuitive

The Intuitive Mist Release what no longer serves you and feel enlivened with this purifying mist. The Intuitive contains calming waters of Yarrow and Calendula, enriched with Blue Tansy Oil to brighten and inspire skin and soul. Use it generously to begin and end your ceremony, misting around you and always spray it over your skin before using other products.

Purity & Grace

Purity & Grace Cleansing Oil Experience deep hydration, boosted microcirculation, and enlivened self-regulating powers with this invigorating cleansing oil. Its blend of Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn, Sesame, and Hyssop Decumbens effortlessly clears your energy, lifts away stressors and pollutants, and promotes purity and clarity. Take a deep breath and indulge in its refreshing scent of high altitude Lavender, Wild Mountain Juniper Berries, Neroli, and sacred Atlas Cedar for a reset.


Enchanted Face Oil Indulge in the enchanting floral serenade of Jasmine, Neroli, Frangipani, and a thousand Roses with this deeply repairing and regenerating face oil. Energetically tuned to the heart chakra, it sparks a cocooning love to help you feel connected with yourself and your senses. Massage an extra drop across your breast bone and whisper a mantra of self-love to enhance your capacity for deep connection and experience.