Hello there maman, our warmest congratulations to you on your journey and your new little love. Family, whether born into or chosen, means the absolute world to us, so it’s an honor to support and inspire you on your way to welcome a beautiful soul into your life. This ceremony was crafted with safety, sensitivity and comfort in mind for all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood and beyond.
Your skin will need different things at different times, but the products chosen offer a tremendous amount of flexibility within their results - our high-vibe formulas can ebb and flow with you as you evolve and bloom. Skin, soul and spirit will be taken care of lovingly during the periods of pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond - these periods of constant fluctuation, tumultuous gushes of hormones and heightened stress levels.

When becoming a parent, time for self-care can be limited. To make the most of it we have saved some vibrant, nurturing treats for your skincare. The alchemy of beauty joins the wisdom of high-vibes and the power of plant teachers on your joyful journey towards being an awakened parent.

The Intuitive

Lean on this mist to pause throughout your day, take a deep breath and acknowledge the significance of what you are creating: your body is nothing but sheer brilliance.

Allow The Intuitive to quench your skin with hydrating droplets bursting with calming, centering botanicals like Yarrow, Calendula and Blue Tansy. Let the refreshing bouquet of Green Mandarin, Hyssop, Neroli and Immortelle wash over you and provide a moment of reprieve. Use to begin and end your ceremony by liberally misting around you; always spray The Intuitive over your skin prior to enjoying any of the products that follow it.

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Mask & Wash

Succumb to this sweet Manuka-Honey-Hug whenever you and your skin need serenity at its most flavorful and beautiful. Magically charged with superantioxidants, inflammation-tamers and potent enzymes that all help together to intensely calm, brighten und hydrate.

Its Raw Manuka Honey has superpowers, acting as a humectant and demulcant but also calming any irritation, redness or blemishes as a result of possible hormonal breakouts. This lush mousse specializes in revealing smooth, soft and even toned skin. Whether you use it as a mask, a cleanser (or both!), you and your skin will feel plump, revived and balanced.

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Rescue Balm

When hormones play havoc during the transitional times of pregnancy and postpartum, Rescue Balm is there to whisper its healing symphony to your skin like a gentle lullaby.

This vanilla-hued whip imparts a cooling comfort, releasing heat and redness, leaning on its core heart string of Murumuru Butter, Rosehip and Argan Oil. A remedy steps forward within the synergy of the ingredients which deeply calms and ignites self-healing: Propolis, Immortelle, Wild Mountain Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood and Rose Geranium, all work together to provide immediate relief along with powerful rejuvenation over time. The vibrancy and potency of this balm allows you to hit the reset button when things feel out of control or overwhelmed.

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Circle of Protection

A grounding elixir that can be used all over from head to toes, Circle of Protection specializes in cocooning and shielding your body with its protective energy, especially whilst you undergo constant growth during pregnancy and transition afterwards.

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Want Some More?

Beauty Balm

A lush floral serenade of deeply fortifying moisture - this is the ultimate balm for nourishing and replenishing skin and soul when feeling exhausted by the transition your body goes through right now. This daily hydrator feeds dehydrated, depleted, stressed-out, challenged conditions so satisfyingly. Beauty Balm also helps hyperpigmented and uneven skin - which often shows up during pregnancy - back into balance. Gently tap into its energy as a source of nurturance and deep fulfillment.

I Am The Light

Sometimes pregnancy and the magic your body conjures up on this journey will leave you a little tired. This is exactly where this nectar of radiance steps in. As soon as one golden drop touches your skin, you are vibrant, you are dancing - your baby will feel this boost in energy and will love it. This potion helps your every cell to be more supportive, lighter, brighter, happier, more resilient. Awakening your skin and your energy with this oil is a sensation of incredible lightness and joy. Energetically formulated to spark creativity and gain clarity through third eye connection, I am the Light is an invitation to go inside, to see everything and start transforming all into rays of luminance.

Purity & Grace

Take your time and let this purifying and moisturizing elixir melt into your skin as you massage to celebrate your vitality. Use this inclusive cleansing oil to step deeper into your ceremony; gently trapping and lifting away impurities, environmental and digital pollution - releasing what no longer serves you. With combined ingredient power of Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn and Sesame breakouts are held at bay, radiation protection is on and detox is gently stimulated. Add to this a fragrant bouquet that boosts microcirculation and has mastery in purification. Leaves behind freshly cleansed skin that is silky to the touch, whilst attending to higher needs, such as turning your inner dialogue with your baby to a deeply nurturing, cradling voice.


Cradle yourself and your baby with this award-winning moisturizing face oil. Enchanted envelops skin, soul & spirit in its calming and cocooning powers. Deeply moisturizing and regenerating for sensitive and upset complexions, this blend enchants your senses with a verdant ballet of Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-Ylang and Champak. Warm a few drops in your palms, inhale deeply and connect with its very special heart nourishing energy. Ride on its love vibes to connect with your baby, as you massage this oil into your face and décolletage.