Hello you beauty, you radiant unicorn. We see you in all your miraculousness. In your luminance. You are splendorous. You might find yourself here because your skin has always been kind to you. Almost effortlessly, it goes with the flow, no matter your adventures in life.
Your skin’s resilience is reliable, your barrier function is optimal and you rarely experience sensitivities or blemishes.
This ceremony is about lifting your self-care and self-love to yet another level of inspiration, creativity and nurturance with the incredibly elevated energy of the Max and Me Collection, enhancing your vibrancy to an all-time high. This is about honoring and loving the powerful and beautiful spirit that you are.

The Intuitive

As a unicorn, your ethereal energy can carry you far, but as a result, you can overstretch yourself and sometimes feel depleted or exhausted. The Intuitive offers deep rest and nurturance through a grounding cadence that helps you to sustain your creativity by centering your mind and protecting your energy.

Lean on this mist to restore an equilibrium and quench your skin with hydration that is bursting with calming, regulating and powerful botanicals. Use to open and close your ceremony by liberally misting around you, pressing pause. Make sure to keep skin soaking wet with this botanical mist prior to enjoying any of the products that follow.

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Purity & Grace

Open sesame! Clean your slate, boost microcirculation and unlock hidden potential within. Use this all-inclusive moisturizing cleansing oil to step deeper into the now;

gently trapping and lifting away impurities, releasing what no longer serves you. Leaves freshly cleansed skin that is silky to the touch, whilst attending to higher needs, such as energy clearing.

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I Am The Light

A radiant facial oil that seamlessly sinks into your skin, toning and invigorating with an aromatic bouquet that helps to soften those fine lines and wrinkles.

Energetically focused to spark creativity and gain clarity through third eye connection. Let the delicately exotic aromatic bouquet transport you to a balmy Indian eve cloaked in Jasmine, Frangipani, Cypriol and Pink Lotus.

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Beauty Balm

A lush floral serenade of deeply fortifying moisture - this is the ultimate balm for nourishing and replenishing the skin whilst boosting collagen with ingredient power Immortelle.

Rich in restorative essential fatty acids, vibrant antioxidants and protective constituents. Massage this buttery balm anywhere you desire to seal in all the goodness of the serenity embodied within. This is a golden-hued cocoon that tenderly cossets and caresses.

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Want Some More?

Mask & Wash

This is the sweetest dessert you have ever offered to your skin. Enjoy the mastery in brightness, luminance and hydration which this Manuka-Honey-Hug offers, magically charged with super potent enzymes and propolis. This indulgent mousse specializes in revealing smooth, soft and even toned skin through gentle exfoliation, encouraging rejuvenation. A glowy, fresh mask and cleanser that can help you feel centered as well as cheering on the unicorn in you!


If you find your skin on the thirstier side and perhaps in need of a little more tender love, look no further than this nurturing, antioxidant oil blend. Deeply moisturizing and regenerating for sensitive and mature complexions, it enchants your senses with a floral serenade of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Rose and Champak. Energetically tuned to the heart chakra, it calls to that which you most desire and love. As you massage this oil into your face and décolletage, take care to massage an extra drop across your breast bone.

Rescue Balm

This marshmellow-y whip formulated for the most sensitive and troubled, also is a gentle moisturizer, boosting collagen with the ingredient power of Immortelle. Always have one in your bathroom to uplevel either of the face oils with additional hydration, pop another in the fridge for a cooling eye salve and give one pretty jar a permanent spot in your handbag for any potential ouchies or moments of stress and crisis that might happen along the way.

The Cloth

Every object tells a story and in the case of our Cloth, it’s a handcrafted one. We set out to create a soft and effective cloth designed for daily cleansing and use, composed of high-vibe materials that also have skincare benefits. The result is a beautifully durable yet soft cloth, made from purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral rich Icelandic Algae, and Austrian organic linen, traditionally knitted in a weaving mill. So good to sweep off Purity&Grace or Mask&Wash.