Oh dearest friend, we hope we can help. We are so happy you found your way here. Finding products that can extend a supportive and soothing hand is tricky and can often feel like a trial by fire. We are all too familiar with that frantic rush seeking something to take away the heat, redness, ache, itchiness - anything to find a sense of peace. With sensitive, finicky and easily irritated conditions, a new product can be scary because it means new ingredients and, potentially, new reactions with unknown causes. We don’t hold ourselves exempt from this rule - after all, anyone can be sensitive to any ingredient - however, when it comes to skincare, we believe that thoughtful formulation and integrity of ingredients can reduce the incidence of flare-ups. This ceremony was created from years of learning from and working with our most sensitive clients. Take your time and introduce yourself to these products, let them work with your skin and embrace any sensitivities with delicate care.

Rescue Balm

This little powerhouse is your superhero product to the rescue. Your skin and every emotion wrapped up in it is safe now. A marshmallow-y whip that tenderly offers calm and cooling comfort to all itchiness, redness or rashes.

Rescue Balm holds a special place for the most sensitive, finicky, reactive and irritated conditions leaning on its core heart string of Murumuru Butter, Rosehip and Argan Oil to deeply soothe. A remedy steps forward within the synergy of the ingredients: Immortelle, Propolis, Pomegranate seed Oil, Manuka and Sandalwood, all working together to provide subtle healing. It is both the comforting cushion your skin craves and the supportive wave of relief it has been waiting for. A gentle, repairing moisturizer that is available for your skin anytime but especially in moments of stress and crisis. Resting in its soft strength brings you hope, confidence, trust.

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If you find yourself in need of a little more tender love and care, look no further than this nurturing, antioxidant oil blend.

Deeply moisturizing and regenerating for sensitive and upset complexions, it enchants your senses with a floral serenade of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Rose and Champak. Energetically tuned to the heart chakra, it calls to that which makes you feel loved and held. As you massage this oil into your face and décolletage, take care to massage an extra drop across your breast bone and whisper a few words of self-love.

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The Intuitive

As a unicorn managing sensitivities and easily upset skin, you can overstretch yourself trying to find solutions that can sometimes result in feeling depleted or hopeless.

The Intuitive offers a grounding cadence that helps to sustain your creativity by centering your mind and clearing your energy. Lean on this mist to restore an equilibrium and quench your skin with hydration that is bursting with calming, regulating and powerful botanicals. Use to open and close your ceremony by liberally misting around you and over your skin prior to enjoying any of the products that follow.

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Want Some More?

Purity & Grace

There is no greater delight for sensitive skin than to start into the ritual with gentle oil cleansing. Let this nourishing elixir melt into your skin as you massage to unlock hidden blockages within. Use this all-inclusive, silky multitasking cleansing oil to step deeper into your ceremony, lifting away impurities, make-up and environmental and digital build-up, thereby boosting microcirculation with soft strength - releasing what no longer serves you. Leaves freshly cleansed skin that is moisturized and silky to the touch, whilst attending to higher needs, such as energy clearing, creating space and clarity. You feel free.

Mask & Wash

When your sensitive skin gives you redness, rashes, itchiness or heat flare-ups, this delicious, indulgent treat is the loving honey hug you were looking for. Succumb to its mastery in calming and releasing heat. This secret recipe specializes in revealing balanced and serene skin, encouraging regulation. Magically charged with master healer Raw Manuka Honey, Propolis, antioxidant dense & inflammation taming Mangosteen, enzyme-rich Cacao and gentle Kaolin Clay, followed by regenerative butters and oils. Finally, Immortelle and Manuka lend themselves to your transformative journey by helping to speed repair. Whether you use it as a mask, a cleanser (or both!), skin and soul will feel centered, calm and balanced.

The Cloth

On some days you might just want to go naked and wear nothing but your skin to minimalize and pause. This is where the ever so gentle Cloth steps in for cleansing. Enjoy high-vibe materials that also offer skincare benefits. The result is a beautifully durable yet soft cloth, made from purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral rich Icelandic Algae, and Austrian organic linen, known for its skin soothing talents, traditionally knitted in a weaving mill. Also, The Cloth has mastery in sweeping off Purity&Grace and Mask&Wash.