Dear beautiful friend, we expect you are dealing with a lot. To put it lightly, ‘challenge’ could be the common denominator for both traumatized skin and skin experiencing the effects of autoimmune disease. We certainly don’t hold all the answers, but we would at least like to help you feel more at home in your skin.
Whether you are actively dealing with an episode, battling with severe illness or recovering from an injury or surgery, this ceremony was crafted with a deeper sense of care, comfort and gentle nurturing for the skin. While using these products we only ask one thing of you: please be kind to yourself, continue to exercise patience and know that change over time is possible.

The Collection with a presence as wide as the firmament, holds you. And with a regular ritual helps you on your healing journey. You slow down. You soften. You rise and shine. Each ceremonial piece infuses you with light and love, regulation and balance, allowing the re-alignment of bodily tissues, improving overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin. This nurtures self-healing and has a pronounced effect on all cellular and biochemical processes in the body. The benefits can also be strongly felt emotionally and mentally, reinvigorating hope, releasing frustration and tension - letting you shine in all your beauty.

And before anything the thoughts you think are important. Your inner pictures spread. The thoughts you think are messages you send to your cells, to your tissues, to all your bodily and energetic systems. The bright future seeking to come in asks one requirement: that you let yourself imagine how good and real it’s going to be.

The Intuitive

Whenever you feel low, with this mist, create moments throughout your day to take a deep breath, reflect and release what no longer serves you:

stress, frustration, hopelessness, that knot in your stomach, this tension in your jaw. The Intuitive offers a grounding cadence that helps you to sustain confidence and trust by centering your mind and protecting your energy. Lean on this mist to cool your skin with hydrating waters bursting with calming, regulating and powerful botanicals such as Yarrow, Calendula and Blue Tansy. Harness the support of sun-drenched Corsican Immortelle within The Intuitive which has mastery in releasing trauma for skin, soul and spirit. Give this mist permission to uplift you. Use to begin and end your ceremony by liberally misting around you; always spray The Intuitive over your skin prior to enjoying any of the products that follow it.

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Mask & Wash

The energy of serenity at its most beautiful. Even the most traumatized find ease and elation with this calming master healer mousse.

The rare and high vibrancy of this blend helps to bring about a shift in cellular, emotional and spiritual awareness, sparking a feeling of being centered and re-aligned. It is an energy of coming back into balance, falling into place, celebrating your innate rhythm, igniting self-healing.
For you, this delicious mousse holds calming master healers: firstly, Raw Manuka Honey, one of the most potent, enzymatic rich, bioactive honeys in the world, which boosts the immunity of your skin and your whole system, supporting regulation, repair and healing. Your second ally on this journey is Immortelle, renowned for its trauma management. Bounding forth in the aromatic bouquet, this sun-drenched plant teacher with its wild flowery fragrance will take special care of skin, soul and spirit. Also swirled into this abundant mousse together with comforting butters is superantioxidant-dense, inflammation taming Mangosteen Powder. Dive into this beautiful symphony to release heat, deliver deeply calming hydration and to speed repair and fading of scars. Whether you use it as a mask, a cleanser (or both!), you and your skin will feel centered and realigned.

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Rescue Balm

Your skin and every emotion wrapped up in it is safe now: This fluffy, marshmellow-y whip comes to the rescue with soft strength and brings hope, confidence and trust.

This potent salve holds a special place for the most troubled and traumatized. It delicately works with your skin to reduce redness, soothe discomfort and nurture with carefully selected butters and oils. It is both the comforting cushion your skin craves and the cooling, supportive wave of relief it has been waiting for. In moments of stress and crisis this moisturizer ignites the incredible self-healing capacities your body houses within. Listen to the energy of this salve softly whispering to you: I am open to what you want to heal.

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Want Some More?

Purity & Grace

Enter a state of deep rest and fresh hope; let this flavorful elixir melt into your skin as you gently massage to unlock hidden blockages within and stimulate microcirculation for faster repair. Use this silky-soft cleansing oil to step deeper into your ceremony; with combined ingredient power of inflammation-taming, healing Tamanu, detoxifying Sesame Oil, radiation protector Sea Buckthorn Oil and a beautifully purifying aromatic bouquet. Purity&Grace gently lifts away impurities, make-up, as well as environmental and digital pollution. Leaves freshly cleansed skin that is soft to the touch, whilst attending to higher energetic needs, such as turning your thoughts into a positive, confident voice.

The Cloth

Every object tells a story and in the case of our Cloth, it’s a handcrafted one. We set out to create a soft and effective cloth designed for daily cleansing and use, composed of high-vibe materials that also have calming, anti-inflammatory benefits. The result is a beautifully durable cloth, yet gentle to the touch, made from purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral rich Icelandic Algae, and anti-inflammatory Austrian organic linen, with a healing reputation back to the medieval ages, when it had been used to tend the wounds of the knights.