Here’s a 15-minute protocol to revive and restore skin quickly and effectively before your next Zoom conference or 12 hour-shift.

1. Steam Clean

Remove all makeup with our Moisture Balance All-In-One Face Cleanser and apply a heated damp towel to your face, leave on for 2-3 minutes.


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Regular price $75.00
Sale price $75.00 Regular price

2. Exfoliate and Tone

Our Moisture Balance All-In-One Face Cleanser is a non-foaming 3-1 cleanser with uniquely innovative gel-milk texture, made of humectants with particle sizes smaller than pores that deeply cleanses, gently exfoliates and tones the skin.

Apply to dry skin and massage for 10-20 seconds, then add a bit of water and  further massage for 10-20 seconds, then remove with warm water. The skin will feel hydrated and smooth.


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3. Foundational Skin Care

Choose from either Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate, a lighter textured formulation that uses powerful antioxidants, including Compound K, and peptides; or the richer textured Vitamin B Activated All-In-One Concentrate that combines 6 different B vitamins and 11 amino acids as key ingredients. The actives in both these multi-correctional creams are delivered into the skin and help promote collagen synthesis in skin cells.

Apply a generous amount over the face and neck, sweeping in upward motions. You should notice the skin feeling suppler, firmer and plumper.


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4. Oil Serum Treatment

Our Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum (aka ‘miracle oil’) has a blend of 34 natural root extracts, botanicals and essential oils to give skin natural radiance and restore elasticity and firmness. It’s suitable for all skin types including combination/oily. Based on a 17th century Korean skincare prescription, the fermentation process breaks down the particle sizes so that the oil quickly absorbs into the skin.

Apply 2-3 few drops and massage in for 3 minutes to stimulate facial muscles and blood circulation, lie back and relax for another 5 minutes, relax, breath and take a few minutes to yourself. 


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5. Overnight Lifting Treatment

Finish with our Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask – a leave-on mask with actives specifically formulated to work closer to the skin’s surface and lock in benefits from the prior steps. Supercharged with 15 concentrated series of potent, free-radical-fighting antioxidants and peptides, it visibly lifts, hydrates and boosts radiance, and instantly re-contours your complexion.

Apply this multi-active lifting mask on the face and neck as the last step. Massage any excess into the skin.

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