Lilfox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist 100ml

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Spiritual trailblazers of this realm, Unite! Mystic awakening is a synergy of steam distilled organic Rosemary verbenone hydrolat infused with amethyst crystals. Rosemary has incredible therapeutic properties for the skin. It is extremely antimicrobial, purifying and stimulates circulation.

Lilfox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist is a luxurious cleansing mist that gives hydration to skin leaving skin plump and dewy with a youthful vixen glow. Thus allowing for faster absorption of our nourishing face nectars.

More Details

The amethyst crystals in every bottle release energy for balancing and raising spiritual awareness. The synergy of rosemary verbenone hydrolat with amethyst crystals brings mental clarity and elevates consciousness to allow for a spiritual awakening as you enjoy this gentle herbaceous mist. For those with combination or oily-acne prone skin, the Rosemary Toning Mist is an integral part of your daily skincare routine as rosemary is highly antibacterial, so it can help keep acne at bay.




Rosemary verbenone hydrolat is an effective toner especially for oily or congested skin, and can help unclog pores.  It is found to be a strong antioxidant. This gentler chemotype of rosemary works on the mid layers of skin to calm irritations, tone, refine and regenerate cells. The distillate is often incorporated in meditative practices. The aroma is herbaceous and slightly sweet. 

Amethyst crystals provide a connection to the divine and help one center and focus. The signature deep clear purple ‚Äúcathedral‚ÄĚ formations of sacred amethyst have long been adored and collected by seekers of spiritual enlightenment and everyday ease.

How To
  • Generously mist over face after cleansing.
  • Generously mist before and after applying serum to assitant with absorbtion and to lock in moisture. 
  • Mist over face after applying make up to help set and leave skin with a dewy brightness. 
  • This is a stimulating mist to use to refresh entire body and hair and use before or after a long day of work or travel.
  • The synergy of rosemary and amethyst sets the tone for a peaceful clearing of the mind and sets the stage for  meditation. 

Ingredients: Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone (Rosemary) Hydrosol*, 

Amethyst Crystals       *Certified Organic

Free of Synthetics (Fragrances, Glycols, Silicones, Parabens, Petrolatem, Phthalates.)

Vegan/Cruelty Free. 

Size: 3.4 fl. oz / 100 ml in violetglass bottle with mister top. 

Lilfox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist 100ml

Lilfox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist 100ml

Regular price $60.00
Sale price $60.00 Regular price