Why We Love & Admire Coola?

COOLA’s goal is to bring you better products, create a better community, and contribute to developing a better world. All while making you look and feel your natural, radiant best!

Coola Classic Sunscreen Collection

Classic Sunscreen Collection

COOLA Classic sunscreens use chemical (also commonly referred as “non-mineral” or “traditional”) active ingredients designed to absorb and dissipate UVA/UVB rays. Go on, have your day in the sun!

Coola Mineral Sunscreen Rage

Mineral Sunscreen Rage

COOLA Mineral Sunscreens use mineral (also commonly referred to as “physical”) active ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to scatter and reflect UVA/UVB rays. Mineral SPF shouldn't ghost you—this one nourishes, protects, and helps control shine without leaving any white residue on your skin.

Coola 70%+ Certified Organic

70%+ Certified Organic

Look for this seal on COOLA products ensuring that they are made with 70%+ certified organic ingredients. COOLA formulates with the freshest ingredients to insure the most biodynamic results, free from pesticides and other nasty bi-products.

Coola Farm-to-Face Philosophy

Farm-to-Face Philosophy

COOLA' eco-conscious formulas are sourced with a Farm to Face® philosophy, ensuring that only the freshest, most potent natural and organic ingredients are used. Thanks to antioxidant-rich Plant Protection®, COOLA sunscreens help naturally boost their formulas’ efficacy.

Coola Eco-Conscious, Cruelty-Free Coola Suncare Product

Eco-Conscious, Cruelty-Free Coola Suncare Product

At COOLA, we choose the most innovative, scientifically advanced ingredients that are also as natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced as can be. COOLA use fewer traditional—and potentially irritating—sunscreen actives. No parabens, GMOs, and oxybenzone.

We want you to enjoy every simple, happy moment and feel confident that our products are protecting and improving your skin in the healthiest way possible.


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