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  1. Moroccan Beldi Soap With Argan Oil 250g
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Moroccan Beldi Soap With Argan Oil 250g
  2. Facial Cleanser 100ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Facial Cleanser 100ml
  3. Oil Cleanser 100ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Oil Cleanser 100ml
  4. Kessa Mitt
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Kessa Mitt
  5. Moisture Mask 50ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Moisture Mask 50ml
  6. Prickly Pear Seed Oil Roller Ball For The Eyes 5ml
  7. Beldi Soap 250g
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Beldi Soap 250g
  8. Facial Lotion 50ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Facial Lotion 50ml
  9. Serum 30ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Serum 30ml
  10. 100% Organic Argan Oil 100ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    100% Organic Argan Oil 100ml
  11. 100% Organic Argan Oil 30ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    100% Organic Argan Oil 30ml
  12. Face Cream 50ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Face Cream 50ml
  13. Eye Cream 12ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Eye Cream 12ml
  14. Toning Mist 50ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Toning Mist 50ml
  15. Brightening Serum 30ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Brightening Serum 30ml
  16. Prickly Pear Seed Oil 50ml
    Kahina Giving Beauty
    Prickly Pear Seed Oil 50ml

17 Items

Set Descending Direction
Not just another skincare brand, Kahina Giving Beauty embodies well-being, sustainability and giving back. The all-natural ingredients are organic, high performing and extremely effective whilst still being gentle on skin. Housed in luxe miron glass bottles and jars that would not look out of place in any A-list bathroom, Kahina is your soon to be great skin secret that everyone will want to know about.

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The Founder.

Katharine L’Heureux was seeking safe, natural skincare almost 10 years ago now when she discovered the wonders of Argan oil on a trip to Morocco. Rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants Katharine began importing the Argan Oil and worked closely with a chemist to formulate the range she had been searching for all along. Simple, effective skincare using ethically sourced raw ingredients from all around the world, with Argan Oil at the heart. Based in New York, Katharine works closely with her suppliers and still visits them regularly. Katharine also works closely with the Berber women in Morocco to ensure they are treated fairly and receive a fair wage and she supports many local initiatives to support, educate and empower women whilst helping them make positive changes in their lives.

Inspired By Morocco.

For centuries the women of Morocco have been harnessing the power of the natural resources all around them and using argan oil to restore and moisturise, rhassoul clay to purify, and green tea and rose to tone and calm skin. It is these beauty secrets that inspired Katharine to create Kahina, the brand is named after a Berber Queen and the signatures of the women who crack the argan nuts and extract the oil are displayed on the packaging. Not only that but 25% of the profits from Kahina Giving Beauty go directly to the women who extract the oil (further reinforcing the brands name), allowing them to support their families and have economic freedom for the first time.

All About Argan.

It is an incredibly labour intensive process to extract the argan oil, and not all argan oil is created equally. Many lower priced argan oils are of lower quality because they often use nuts that have been digested by animals who have eaten the fruit of the argan tree, the oil from these nuts smells foul and requires deodorising and processing, removing any precious nutrients that may be left. Kahina uses argan oil that has been cold pressed using modern equipment, but not before the nut has been extracted from the fresh fruit of the argan tree, the nut inside is hand cracked using a centuries old technique by the Berber women in Morocco’s argan region to reveal a seed, it is this seed that contains the oil. To create just one litre of oil can take one woman up to eight hours of cracking the nuts.

The Signature FEZ Scent.

Mysterious. Sensual. Exotic. The FEZ perfume oil, hand and body balm and body oil are new additions to the Kahina family, but the deliciously unique scent is one that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Rose and orange blossoms, patchouli, vetiver and ylang-ylang blend effortlessly with hints of cumin and clove to create a warming, slightly spicy scent that transports you to the sacred city of Fez, Morocco. Whether you choose the pure essential oil blend of the perfume, or the luxurious olive and argan rich balm, a little FEZ will brighten your day and calm the senses.

The Kahina Ritual.

Cleanse with the gentle daily cleanser to exfoliate, remove impurities and reveal a radiant complexion morning and night. Tone & refine with the Toning Mist, full of white tea, argan leaf extract and aloe to calm. Nourish the skin with the Kahina Serum; a nourishing oil blend, the Brightening Serum; with a lightweight gel/creme texture or the classic argan oil for any and all skin types. Hydrate & protect skin in the AM with the Facial Lotion and use the anti-aging Night Cream in the PM to lift and improve skin tone. Treat & firm the eye are with either the Eye Serum (brighten and de-puff) or Eye Cream (nourish and soften fine lines). Finally, detox & renew the complexion with the Antioxidant Mask, a non-drying clay mask with argan oil, acai and pomegranate extracts to reverse signs of ageing.
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
Coco Chanel