Vincent Longo

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  1. Velour Pressed Powder Warm #4
    Vincent Longo
    Velour Pressed Powder Warm #4
  2. Liquid Canvas Concealer 'Medium' Liquid Canvas Concealer 'Medium'
  3. Water Canvas Foundation 'Sienna' #15 11.5g
  4. Perfect Canvas Loose Powder 'Porcelain'
  5. Perfect Canvas Loose Powder 'Topaz'
  6. Everbrow Micro Pencil & Sharpener 'Black'
  7. Creme Gel Liner 'Teal Green'
    Vincent Longo
    Creme Gel Liner 'Teal Green'
  8. Water Canvas Blush 'Swan Lake' 11.5g
  9. Thinstick Lipstick 'London'
    Vincent Longo
    Thinstick Lipstick 'London'
  10. Sheer Pigment Lipstick 'Debue'
  11. Sheer Pigment Lipstick 'Cameo'
  12. Sheer Pigment Lipstick 'Chroma'
  13. Sheer Pigment Lipstick 'Susina'

18 Items

Set Descending Direction

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