Why we love Munskin.

Created with both you and the planet in mind, MŪN organic skin care products connect the cycles of beauty, health, and sustainability. Pure and all-natural, MŪN ingredients are derived from native plants that are carefully selected by women-owned, responsibly managed local co-operatives.

Munskin Skincare Mindfully made.

Mindfully made.

Created with both customer and planet in mind, MŪN choose to work with women-owned, responsibly managed co-operatives to source their organic ingredients, this supports a fair trade and sustainable development whilst providing jobs and income for a growing business. Organic ingredients provide a higher volume of nutrients for skin and body, whilst the organic farming also protects the soil, ecosystem and everyone involved in the process.

Munskin Skincare Meet The Founders.

Meet The Founders.

It was a meeting completely by chance, sat next to each other on an airplane from Morocco to New York that brought founders Munemi Imai and Anas Saidi together to eventually launch the MŪN brand. MŪN, pronounced moon, was chosen as the company’s name, not only because it’s Munemi’s nickname but because it is representative of the inspiring deserts of Morocco where the moon takes up so much of the night sky, and where their precious prickly pear seed and argan oils are produced.

Munskin Skincare All About Ayour.

All About Ayour.

Treat your skin with the love and care it surely deserves with the MŪN Ayour Toning Body Serum. Nourish and transform the appearance of skin with Moroccan Olive Oil rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, plus Cucumber Seed Oil, a rarely used oil that is tricky to produce, rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins B1 and C. The fast absorbing silky texture and divine scent of Lavender, Neroli and Frankincense make this a luxurious treat for skin and senses.

Munskin Skincare The No.1 Aknari Serum.

Aknari Serum.

MŪN’s signature serum and their first product to launch the brand instantly to cult status. This dreamy oil has only three ingredients: Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, all of which are organic and ethically sourced. The prickly pear seed oil is the star of the show here, this oil is one of the rarest and costliest plant oils on the market today, with around 1,500 pounds of prickly pear fruit needed to produce just one litre of oil. The oil is powerfully anti-ageing, brightening and rich in essential fatty acids.

Munskin Skincare Toning 101.

Toning 101.

In Munemi’s home country of Japan, toning is an essential skincare step. The right toner can give the skin a healthy glow and fresh feeling after cleansing whilst prepping it for any skincare treatments that follow. Munemi recommends using after cleansing with a cotton pad to balance the skins pH, soften and moisturise, and then spritzing skin to set makeup and refresh throughout the day. There really isn’t a wrong way to use it.

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