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Beauty Tools And Products That You Could Be Using Wrong

You might consider yourself an expert in a wide variety of tools and makeup especially if you have been using them for long. But are you confident that you are really using these products right? The answer could be ‘No’. So to start the year right, we’re sharing an infographic that can help you nail the usage of the makeup and beauty products you’ve long been keeping in your beauty stash.       

8 Beauty Tools and Products that You Could Be Using Wrong

You have probably been using some makeup tools and beauty products for years, but how sure are you that they’re being used correctly?

Here’s a rundown of the most common mistakes that you might be guilty of, along with tips on how you can correct them.


Common Mistake:

Using bronzer to contour.

How to Use it Right:

Your bronzer is intended to create a tanned glow. Use it specifically to add a warm touch to your makeup.

TIP: Contouring products sculpt the face based on your bone structure. It is ideal to use a concealer or foundation that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone.


Common Mistake:

Using the fingers for application.

How to Use it Right:

Use a sponge or a beauty blender when applying foundation to prevent blotches and streaks. You also have to be aware that using your fingers may only expose your skin to bacteria. Keep in mind that your body absorbs 60 percent of whatever you apply on your skin–including germs!


Common Mistake:

Shaking the bottle right before application.

How to Use it Right:

Proper application of nail polish will only require rolling the bottle between the palms of your hand. This will warm the formula and mix the color at the same time.

NOTE: Though you want to ensure that the nail polish color is evenly mixed, it is not right to shake it prior to application. This will only create bubbles and will prevent you from achieving a smooth finish.


Common Mistake:

Using heating tools after applying hair oil.

How to Use it Right:

Hair oil can provide the moisture boost you need. However, proper application is a must. Instead of using straighteners or hair dryer, let your hair dry naturally after applying hair oil to stay away from problems with damaged hair caused by heat.


Common Mistake:

Applying shampoo to partially wet hair and starting with the conditioner at the roots.

How to Use it Right:

Make the most of the hair formulas you’re using by completely wetting the hair for a few minutes and applying shampoo to the roots. Conditioner should be applied at the ends first before working your way up. This will ensure that the risk of making the scalp and roots oily can be prevented.


Common Mistake:

Dragging it across the skin during application.

How to Use it Right:

Getting a natural blend using your beauty blender can be achieved by using a dabbing motion to blend makeup, foundation, and other concealing products.

Dragging your beauty blender across the skin will only put the makeup you applied away from the area you want to target.


Common Mistake:

Pumping the mascara wand and applying mascara it before using an eyelash curler.

How to Use it Right:

It is ideal to use your eyelash curler first before mascara application. This is to help prevent clumping which may even pull out a few of your lashes. Pumping the brush should also be avoided as it only gets air in the tube causing clumping, flaking, and drying.

Beauty Hack!

Preheat your lash curler using a hair dryer to make your lashes extra curly and keep it that way longer.


Common Mistake:

Using a darker shade in creating more defined brows.

How to Use it Right:

For natural-looking eyebrows, you’d actually need a brow pencil that is one or two shades lighter than your brow hair. Instead of filling in your brows, opt for creating small strokes that mimic the  natural hair fibres of your eyebrows.

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