natural and organic skincare

The Dream We Share

Alina and Sergiy: not only business partners but family. Our dream was to build a sanctuary for beauty enthusiasts seeking the authentic and extraordinary. Thus, Alyaka was born—a warm, inviting space celebrating the true craftsmanship of beauty. As a family bound by dreams and determination, we, Alina and Sergiy, infuse Alyaka with a blend of insight and innovation. Our partnership goes beyond conventional business ties, spreading a sense of family throughout our brand. Alina's keen eye for beauty trends and Sergiy's strategic prowess guide Alyaka to new heights, ensuring our offerings are second to none.

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natural and organic skincare

The Heart of Alyaka: Who We Are

Welcome to Alyaka, a refreshing new chapter in beauty and personal care shopping, where eco-consciousness meets luxury. Dive into our world at Alyaka, your ultimate online destination for the finest natural and organic beauty treasures. Our collective passion has shaped Alyaka into a haven for distinctive beauty. Here, exceptional quality and innovation intertwine, with each product boasting a story as compelling as its formulation. Guided by Alina and Sergiy's vision, our team is committed to curating a selection that embodies our principles: sustainability, potency, and ethical integrity.

Alyaka transcends the ordinary, representing a family heritage that crosses boundaries and embraces diversity. It's a global gathering of craftsmen and beauty pioneers, each contributing to our rich tapestry of traditions. In this space crafted by Alina and Sergiy, every culture’s beauty ideal is not just welcomed but cherished.

who we are


Around the world, we see a rapid decrease of generations-old artisan skills, abilities, and creative solutions that would nudge classic brands into the future. Globalization, mass production, and industries of luxury are quickly, and effectively, killing off the creative and unique nature of beauty, replacing it with a cookie-cutter of what they believe beauty should be. We are losing our uniqueness – what makes our beauty ours.

Why Alyaka: An Invitation to Our Circle

We warmly invite you to explore a realm where each pick celebrates the art of beauty. Alyaka is more than just a purchase; it's an adventure into a community that cherishes authenticity, lineage, and meaningful relationships. Embark on this limitless beauty quest with us. Join a narrative that goes beyond the external, paying homage to artisans’ legacies and the purity of nature. At, you're not just finding beauty; you're weaving yourself into its ongoing tale.

At Alyaka, our foundation lies in the conviction that beauty should be all-embracing and responsible. Our meticulously curated collection of natural and organic products places us at the forefront of ethical beauty, a tribute to our founders' vision for a world where beauty harmonizes with nature.

Welcome into our fold, to, where the beauty knows no bounds and is a shared treasure among us all.


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