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Best Lifestyle Magazines To Read This Spring

The long, cold and dark days of winter are quickly and thankfully coming to an end; as we prepare with anticipation for the arrival of spring, here is a selection of exciting and new lifestyle magazines that will give you inspiration for the rest of the year.


Featuring a clean and minimalist look, Kinfolk is all about winding down and getting more out of life. As the title suggests, family is a central part of what it’s about, and as well as its website, Kinfolk publishes a quarterly print edition that’s also available in several Asian countries and Russia.

Kinfolk, which describes itself as a “slow lifestyle magazine”, came about after a group of writer and artist friends decided there was nothing out there that suited them, so they set about creating their own publication. Its editor in chief, Nathan Williams, is also a co-founder, and in an interview he said they wanted to achieve something that “felt real and attainable”. See what you think.

Gather Journal

Next up, we recommend Gather Journal for your reading pleasure. Edited by New Yorker Fiorella Valdesolo, it’s all about food, glorious food – cooking it, devouring it and being with great friends and family while doing so. What does the title mean? Gathering food, as in harvesting, and gathering people around a table to enjoy it.

Gather Journal has some stimulating content on its website, such as baking artisan breads and interviews with foodies, but the real meat is in its print edition, which comes out seasonally. The next edition is spring/summer 2015, and you can get your hands on a copy by ordering via their website.


Cereal is another publication definitely worth a look this spring (). Devoted to breakfasts? No. It’s a British travel and lifestyle magazine that’s also published in print, appearing quarterly. Cereal has exclusive online content, including pictorials of travel destinations and wonderfully created playlists that will equally inspire. Rosa Park is the magazine’s founder and editor, and she says it was born out of a love of magazines, books, travel and food.

Alla Carta

Finally, there’s Alla Carta, an edgy magazine celebrating all things gastronomic. In print, this stylish publication is bi-annual, while online you can get a glimpse of what they’re up to. Edited by Valentina Barzaghi and based in Milan, Italy, the magazine’s tagline is Dissertations Around a Table, which neatly sums up what it’s all about.

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