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Your Complete Guide To Organic Beauty Products

An average person who uses conventional beauty products everyday is exposed to around 130 chemicals–and it is a common knowledge nowadays, that regular exposure to certain chemicals puts an individual’s health at risk.

Though you may think that your beauty practices require minimal amount of beauty products to be applied, you shouldn’t forget that small doses add up when used regularly–a precaution to remember even when cosmetic companies and the FDA claim that the beauty product you are using is safe and has the least amount of harmful ingredients.


Beauty is more than skin deep. And it’s good to know that there is already a wide range of options that can offer you the best results from beauty and personal care, without the side effects.

In the European Union, over 110 ingredients used for personal products have been banned for use in cosmetics as they are associated with dreaded conditions including Cancer, birth defects and reproductive illnesses. And the emergence of  in today’s market, made safe and effective alternatives available for consumers.

Clearly, the switch from conventional to organic beauty products is the best thing to do now. But along with that, it is important to disseminate relevant information that will make more beauty enthusiasts aware of the choices they make–especially when it comes to personal care.

In this infographic, Alyaka, the trusted name in organic skincare in the UK, sums up the most important information that you must know about organic beauty products that should help you establish a safe, effective, and worry-free beauty routine.

Learning these important facts about organic beauty products may have you rushing to stores to find beauty solutions that work for your skin–safely. An important word of caution though: don’t forget to check labels, to make sure that you will get products that are truly organic and don’t just offer false promises.

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