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The Emerging Beauty And Fashion Capitals Of The World

Aside from beauty products, a lot of people have their eyes on fashion. When it comes to this industry, 4 cities have taken the top spots as its main pillars: Paris, Milan, London, and New York. These are the major fashion capitals that have made outstanding contributions in making their respective countries famous as sources of fashion trends.

  1. New York City – North America’s Fashion Capital easily claims this spot as it serves as home to top fashion designers who studied in New York’s top fashion schools. It is also the city where you can find the fashion houses of designers like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, and Ralph Lauren.
  2. Paris – Known as the “New York of Europe”, Paris is the ultimate destination for professional models because of the opportunities that abound in the city. It presents high-fashion campaigns and opportunities to work on print ads and TV commercials.
  3. Milan – Referred to as the style powerhouse, Milan has long been recognized as a fashion and design capital, with more than thousands of fashion companies, showroom, and stores housed in the city.
  4. London – Aside from being known as the hub for the London Fashion Week, London also serves as the headquarters for some of the most serious designer labels. While it serves as home to niche brands and organic beauty products, it is also referred to as the fashion epicenter for top designers, stylists, magazines, and photographers.. It is so huge that it can support around 800,000 jobs!

However, the list of the fashion capitals of the world doesn’t end there. In fact, the list keeps growing. With new styles on the rise, there are cities all over the world that are slowly getting talked about and making an impact in the fashion scene.



In recent years, Barcelona has been making a buzz in blogs, websites, newspapers, and journals. It also continues to make its mark in the fashion scene especially with the bright and quirky Spanish clothing that it is usually associated with. Adding to that are its influential youth and liberal-minded culture.


Thriving as a fashion destination, many believe that the time for the so-called ‘eternal city’ has finally come. Taking its share in Italian fashion, Rome has proven to be not just a place of historical and cultural significance, but also of beauty and unique styling.


Los Angeles is not just all about Hollywood’s glitz and glam. In this side of California, celebrated fashion brands are already emerging. Many believe that soon, the ‘City of Angels’ can be at par with its East Coast counterpart, the ‘Big Apple’.


There are several world-class figures that came from Germany. Among them are Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Hugo Boss, and no less than Karl Lagerfeld. With those notable personalities in this part of the world, it is no longer surprising to find Berlin in the list of emerging beauty and fashion capitals of the world. The city introduces the use of clean lines whether for casual getups, sporty look, and aesthetics.


One of Europe’s most important cities, Antwerp has produced world-class designers with the likes of Raf Simons and Martin Margiela. While the European fashion industry proves to be a competitive niche especially with Paris, London and Milan among the big 4 fashion capitals of the world, Belgium’s capital city continues to bring excitement in the scene.

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Besides being a favorite tourist destination, Lisbon is also recognized as among the fast-rising capitals in global fashion. Aside from the industry experts in the city, it also hosts fashion weeks every season to showcase European art, fashion and design.


When it comes to the style of dressing, Russians are able to establish a prominent presence. Aside from excelling in the field of modeling, photography, and styling, Russian brands also came into the scene with the likes of Ruban and Vika Gazinskaya consistently adding beautiful and outstanding touches to typical fashion.


São Paulo leads when it comes to Latin American fashion. The world is also taking notice of the city as a worthy inclusion in the fashion scene. In Brazil, a fashion week is hosted twice a year to showcase the works of the most promising designers in the city, particularly those who specialize in swimwear.


Walk the streets of Copenhagen to understand why it emerged as among the fast-rising fashion capitals of the world. The city boasts of a minimalist and practical styling that showcases elegance and sophistication as displayed by the men and women who seem to have stepped right out of fashion magazines. Not to mention, Danish fashion labels are being established as tough competitors in the fashion industry.


Besides being a favorite tourist destination, Lisbon is also recognized as among the fast-rising capitals in global fashion. Aside from the industry experts in the city, it also hosts fashion weeks every season to showcase European art, fashion, and design.


There are various influences that make Japanese style colorful and eclectic. There are also fashion experts who have played a role in making Tokyo one of the world’s fashion capitals. Paris fashion week has also become a venue to showcase the ingenuity of Japanese designers.


Along with China’s booming economy is the country’s recognition in the fashion scene. The country now has its promising fashion labels. American and European designers are also among the recognized participants of Shanghai’s Fashion week which occurs twice a year.


Last but definitely not least, Seoul is one of the most progressive cities in terms of fashion. It has a pool of world-renowned fashion designers and boasts of a street style that has a strong influence all over the world. For many years, it is recognized as Asia’s leading fashion hub–thanks to the fashion designers who contributed to making the capital rank higher than Tokyo and Shanghai.

The fashion industry is no longer limited to North America and Europe, especially with the fast-rising fashion capitals from different parts of the world. Whether you are fashion savvy or someone who wants to start a career in the fashion industry, you can explore more places than just the big 4 fashion capitals of the world!

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