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Our Favourite New Skincare Regime

Every so often, a new skincare range comes along that makes us stop in our tracks. There is an abundance of skincare products on the market which claim to solve just about every skin problem, but few of them truly deliver. But the new capsule range by Verso actually delivers. Tested by Alyaka’s own reviewers, we can vouch for its efficacy and quality, while the minimalist post-modern packaging speaks for itself.

Nourishing and anti-ageing, the range is suitable for sensitive skin and easy to apply. But more importantly, it works. And this is all down to one miracle ingredient: Retinol 8.

What is Retinol 8?

Retinol 8 is a highly concentrated derivative of Vitamin a and Vitamin B3. While retinol is found in most luxury skincare ranges, Retinol 8 is known to be at least eight times more effective than the usual dose. The Verso formula has been scientifically proven to promote the skin’s natural collagen production and reverse the signs of ageing. In fact, ‘Verso’ is Latin for ‘Reverse’.

Verso has patented this Retinol 8 complex, so you can’t find it anywhere else on the market. The six products in the Verso range all contain the same formula, as well as moisturising properties which help quench the skin at a cellular level.

For best results, use the entire range twice a day.

The products:

The Verso Foaming Cleanser

This foaming cleanser removes light make up and clears skin so that it is primed and ready to benefit from the super-moisturising properties of the Verso serums and moisturisers.

The Verso Day Cream

Light and hydrating, the day cream contains the brand’s signature Retinol 8 formula with added B3 and UV filters for extra protection during the day. The moisturiser also contains light reflecting properties which give the skin a unique glow.

The Verso Night Cream

The skin rests and repairs itself during the night, but with the right night cream, you can wake up with perfectly bright and youthful looking skin every day. This extra powerful night cream works overtime to give you smooth, plump skin every morning.

The Verso Super Facial Serum

Used along with the Verso day and night creams, this serum is extremely effective at reducing fine lines, plumping up skin and brightening your complexion. Use twice a day on cleansed skin and you will see (and feel) the results almost immediately.

The Verso Super Eye Serum

This eye serum uses amino acids and Retinol 8 to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles around the delicate eye area. Pat on with your ring finger every morning and evening for best results.

The Verso Dark Spot Fix

A super-concentrated Retinol 8 formula which is one of the most effective products on the market when it comes to correcting dark spots. Use a tiny dot on acne scars, sun spots and age spots and you will notice a difference within a few days.

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