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Guide To Natural Face Toners: Diy Recipes, Best Brands And Recommendations

A daily facial skincare routine should consist of at least three stages: cleansing, toning, and moisturising. However, many people skip the second step, thinking it is another marketing ploy, which is, frankly, a big misconception.

Still, we can all agree that our skin needs to be carefully prepared before applying a moisturising cream in order to get the most out of it. So, what exactly does the toner do? It:

  • Helps break down the residue that is left after you have washed your face with a cleanser. The remaining dirt can cause breakouts, blackheads, and acne.
  • Neutralises your skin’s pH level. Hard tap water’s pH ranges between 6 and 9, and the normal skin pH is 5.5. The imbalance might reduce the protective functions of the epidermis.
  • Soothes and reduces inflammation. Toner does not get rid of pimples and spots completely, but since it has antiseptic properties, it reduces the amount of acne on your face. 
  • Removes toxins and protects your skin from environmental damage, such as UV rays. Toner hydrates and strengthens the epidermal barrier, increasing skin’s elasticity and slowing down the ageing process.


Not a lot of people know this, but a facial toner can be easily made at home with very common ingredients. Homemade toners certainly have many advantages – because, with a DIY product, you know exactly what you are putting on your face every morning.

Let’s have a look at some of the simplest recipes for a homemade facial toner:

  • Cranberry. To make your own cranberry toner, just mix plain water and cranberry juice in equal proportions. Remember that this toner can only be stored for no more than 3 days.
  • Linden flowers. You’ll need 10g of linden flowers, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Put the flowers into a cup and pour one glass of boiling water. Wait until the mixture has cooled down, and let it brew for another half hour. Add one teaspoon of honey and mix the product well. The toner is ready to use.
  • Cucumber. Cut a fresh cucumber into cubes and add one glass of hot milk. Boil over low heat for 2 minutes. Let it cool down and after that, pour it through a filter cloth. Again, do not use the same mixture for more than 3 days.

As you can see, making a toner yourself might be an easy task. But doesn’t it remind you of self-medication? Sometimes it is better to rely on a professional rather than a random housewife on the Internet. 


Alyaka has got a wide range of natural, organic facial toners for all skin types. They are cruelty-free, paraben-free products your skin will thank you for later. We have selected 13 of the best toners on the website, so let’s begin our review. 

Ambuja Zeitgeist Splash Face Mist is a fully natural revitalising facial toner and energising booster. It contains a variety of soothing, nourishing, and moisturising bioactives that help your skin repair damage from UV rays. The formula adds beach texture all year round, stimulating regeneration-enhancing effects, and infusing your face with radiance, strength, and a natural glow.

Key Ingredients: Ginger, Amaranth, Pomegranate, Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lotus Cell Water


Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Toner is a nourishing facial toner for sensitive skin that provides hydration and has a soothing effect on irritated skin, reducing inflammation and redness. The toner is able to enhance cellular metabolism, calm, detoxify, and prevent future breakouts due to its antiseptic properties. The key ingredients provide your delicate skin with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Water, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Rose Distillate, Lavender Distillate, Calendula

This facial toner is the perfect invigorating and refreshing mist, containing a unique mix of herbal extracts. It stimulates cell regeneration, repairs damaged tissues, soothes, and cleanses sensitive skin. The special formula has antioxidants that help regulate the production of sebum and reduce the signs of ageing skin. Likami Facial Toner refreshes and hydrates your skin on a flight or after a day spent in the sun. 

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Orange Blossom Water, Yarrow Extract, St. John’s Wort Extract, Burdock Extract, Sage Extract


Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner is a silicon-free, alcohol-free, vegan, organic facial toner suitable for all skin types. It leaves your face clean and silky soft, reducing inflammation and moisturising the skin, tightening pores, and balancing your skin tone. The gentle formula delicately removes any residue from cleansing while lifting and smoothing your skin. Additionally, Vitamin C protects the skin from radical damage.

Key Ingredients: Olive Extract, Chamomile Extract, Ginseng, Aloe Vera


Earth Tu Face Toning Mist is a soothing facial toner formulated with a combination of all-natural organic ingredients boosting collagen production, regenerating skin cells, hydrating, and reducing irritation and inflammation. The product was made to enhance the appearance of your skin, giving it a natural glow that seems to beam from within.

Earth Tu Face Toning Mist is made of 100% plant-based, non-GMO ingredients. It has not been tested on animals. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: Rose Geranium Oil, Rose Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel, Rose Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil


The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner boosts your skin’s moisture levels with its refreshing formula and is rich in vitamins and herbal extracts. The facial toner is infused with a blend of organic herbs to help restore skin’s appearance, soothing and balancing the skin for radiant results. The product is vegan and 75% organic.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Calendula, Elderflower

Siam Seas Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner is luxurious, herb-infused healing water that will quench your skin’s thirst for hydration and refresh dry skin. Essential botanical extracts are entwined in a synergistic mix to boost cell regeneration and provide your skin with minerals and powerful antioxidants. The toner helps reset skin balance after cleansing and prevent further damage to the epidermal barrier.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Lavender, Chamomile, Raspberry Oil, Tamarind Seed, Green Tea, Amla, Pomegranate, Blackberry Lily, Prickly Pear Oil, Lotus Petals and Roots, Cape Jasmine, Asian Ginseng, Rose Geranium Oil, Ginger, Vanilla


Absolution l’Essence Botanique Eclat Toner is widely used in the Korean skincare routine. The essence penetrates deeply into the skin, revitalising, detoxifying, and cleansing it. You will quickly notice the reduction of acne because the toner’s key ingredients increase skin’s resistance to chemical, physical, and biological damages. Obviously, the toner will hydrate your skin, boost cell growth, and improve the skin’s appearance.

The product is very rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and essential amino acids. It is 100% natural and contains no GMOs or synthetic fragrances.

Key Ingredients: Carrot, Rhodiola, Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil


Lilfox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist is a luxurious cleansing facial toner that moisturises the skin, keeping it smooth and hydrated throughout the day. Since rosemary has amazing healing properties, it will boost blood stimulation, improving the colour of your skin and making you look way younger. 

The toning mist is formulated with 100% organic ingredients; it is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and does not contain synthetic fragrances.

Key Ingredients: Rosemary, Distillate, Amethyst Crystals


Evolve Organic Beauty Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner is a natural liquid exfoliator that instantly makes your skin smoother and naturally brighter. It has great moisturising properties for the skin and boosts cell renewal without causing redness or inflammation. The toner is suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: Bitter Orange Flower Water, Glycerine, Sugar Maple Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice Powder, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Salicylic Acid from Willow Bark

Note: Willow bark is generally not recommended during pregnancy.

French Girl Eau de Rose – Rose Floral Mist is a refreshing, moisturising floral toner that brightens and prepares skin for additional skincare rituals. Because it has exceptional anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the product helps restore the skin’s natural pH level.

Key Ingredients: Rose Distillate, Witch Hazel Distillate, Orange Blossom Flower Distillate, Lavender Distillate, Lemon Verbena Flower Distillate, Neroli


Kjaer Weis Toner has an organically formulated essence to repair your skin and restore its natural pH, protecting the skin from environmental damage such as wind, pollution, and extreme temperatures. It serves as an extra cleanser, soothing and moisturising dry skin, as well as reducing swellings and redness. The product is 95% organic and has never been tested on animals. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: Dioscorea Batatas, Prickly Pear Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Lavender Water, Melissa Water


NEW! If you have already tried Kjaer Weis, you know that the brand is all about making high-quality organic and natural products, and it does not compromise on style and performance. So, you can now purchase a week’s supply of cruelty-free Kjaer Weis skincare products at once. Here is what you will find in the Kjaer Weis Go-To Glow Kit:

  • Kjaer Weis Cleanser Sachets 3x3ml: a soft cleanser that effectively removes impurities and makeup
  • Kjaer Weis Toner Sachets 3x2ml: an organic essence to restore your skin’s pH
  • Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil Deluxe Sample 4ml: essential moisturising oil protecting your skin from environmental damages
  • Kjaer Weis Translucent Powder Deluxe Sample 1.2g: a pressed powder on a plant basis with a light-filtering finish
  • Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Deluxe Sample ‘Blossoming’ 0.9ml: creamy, organic blush


While most toners are universal and are suitable for all skin types, you need to take your personal skin type into consideration. Cosmetologists recommend choosing a toner depending on the season, weather, and skin type.

  • Toner for dry skin contains moisturising ingredients such as Aloe Extract, Glycerine, Cucumber, Neroli, and Rose Extract. If you have dry skin, you should be avoiding alcohol, fragrances, and oils in your toner.
  • Toner for normal or combination skin, ideally, should be alcohol-free as well. It can contain some antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C. In case your skin is neither too oily, nor too dry, you need to choose a facial toner based on the weather conditions. Refreshing toners with Green Tea or Cucumber Extract are great to use during a hot summer. In winter, it is better to switch to a moisturising face toner, one that includes rose water, lavender, or chamomile.
  • Toner for oily skin should contain salicylic or lactic acid, which are the main ingredients in acne treatment. Lactic acid also helps improve skin texture. If a toner contains alcohol, don’t use it; it will dry out your skin, causing it to produce even more oil. So, you will end up with even more acne.

Facial toners are not only able to cleanse the skin but can also moisturise and nourish it. It is a well-known fact that toners are great for mature skin too since they tighten skin and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Facial skin is very sensitive, so in order not to have any allergic reactions, inflammation, or redness, it is recommended to only use natural or organic products.

Hopefully, with our advice, you will now be able to choose the perfect facial toner on

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