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Mother’S Day Is A Day Of Love: What Do Moms Really Want On Mother’S Day?


Mother’s day historical tradition has its origins in ancient Greece. The mother goddess Rhea, wife of Cronus, was honoured on the 8th day of the month of May. Her festival was called Hilaria. In Rome, the mother goddess Cybele was celebrated with a spring festival called Megalensia, which fell on April 22. The mother Mary was also honoured on May 31, the day after Pentecost. Everywhere this celebration was dedicated to motherhood and the fertility of women.

The modern celebration of Mother’s Day was first proposed in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe. After the Civil War, she became outraged by the violence and wrote a manifesto calling for mothers to unite against war. In 1870 she wrote a proclamation suggesting that mothers should hold a day to promote peace.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. The service was so well attended that Mrs Jarvis began to promote the idea of a national Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution making Mother’s Day a national holiday.


In UK Mother’s Day was originally a church celebration, Mothering Sunday, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was a day for people to visit their ‘mother church’ – the main church in their area.

Also, March 25th (or the nearest Sunday) is nine months before December 25th. It was traditionally a day off for UK servants, who could use it to return home and visit their mothers, since they wouldn’t get to see them during the rest of the year, on average.


Nowadays, mother’s day is celebrated all over the world and is a time to show our appreciation for all that mothers do for us.

So why is Mother’s Day so important? For many people, mothers are the most important people in their lives. They are the ones who love us no matter what and are always there for us. They teach us how to be kind and caring, and give us a sense of security and belonging. Many people also believe that mothers are the key to a peaceful and happy home. Mothers often have a special ability to put their children first and to always think of others before themselves. This selfless love is something that we should all aspire to

 A mother’s love is completely unconditional. A kid is a mother’s baby forever, whether he is 60 or becomes a tycoon, leader, or thinker. Mothers keep this amazing capacity for loving their children at all times and under all circumstances. This unique quality of mothers’ love makes them so distinctive for every child.

A mother’s love is not only physical but also emotional. A mother is the first person to whom her child tells all his secrets and problems. Mothers usually know how to comfort their children and make them feel better.

Mothers day gifts 1


So if mother’s day is a time to show our appreciation for all that mothers do for us, what are some of the best mother’s day gifts ideas? Perhaps something that shows how much we love and appreciate her, like a heartfelt card or a special gift. Something that is practical and useful, like a nice new book or a day at a spa.

Or maybe something that is fun and unique, like a day at an amusement park or a weekend away. No matter what we choose to give her, mother’s day is a time to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them. And that is the most valuable gift of all.

Mathers day 2


If you’re looking for the ideal present for your mother, consider asking, “What do moms really want on Mother’s Day?”

According to real moms surveyed by @parents on Instagram, here’s a breakdown of what they want most for Mother’s Day 2021: Sleep – 30 per cent. A day off or alone time – 30 per cent. A spa day or massage – 11 per cent.

What is being a mom today? In a world where motherhood has many definitions, it’s hard to say what being a mom today really means.

Some people might think of motherhood as being primarily about raising children, while others may see it as a way to express their creativity or love through caring for others.

There are no wrong or right answers, but it does indicate that being a mother is a much more difficult task than it was in the past because they don’t get a day off. Mothering Sunday was established to give them a rest.

Mathers day 3


So this mother’s day, why not give your mom the one thing she wants most? Sleep! A day off or alone time! A spa day or massage!

Think about this discovering Alyaka’s selection of the best Mother’s Day gifts that can make Mothering Sunday unforgettable for her.

eye mask

Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask ‘Rose Blossom’

This Classic Lavender eye Mask, Holistic Silk’s ever-popular original design, is made with Dupion Silk on the front and an extra soft pure Cotton Velvet lining on the reverse to perfectly fit the contours of your face. Fair Made in England, this award-winning Eye Mask totally blocks out all light to give you deeper, more restorative sleep and to help relieve stress, migraines and insomnia. A subtle, natural Lavender filling further promotes relaxation. Simply squeeze where you feel the Lavender to refresh.


The De Mamiel botaniques Sleep Series is a collection of formulations from world-renowned and award-winning skincare expert, Annee de Mamiel. Botaniques was created to combat the effects of daily stresses on our skin and to support general wellbeing. As lack of quality sleep is one of the biggest contributors to daily stress, Annee has extensively researched reasons why we don’t sleep and what’s keeping us awake. Not content with just making you sleepy, the Sleep Series addresses the root cause and not the symptom. It is when we sleep that our body is able to repair and restore the effects of daily stress most efficiently. A good night’s sleep is written all over your face, making quality sleep an essential part of a daily skincare routine.

De Mamiel Soothe 10ml

Unburden your mind of worry with Soothe by De Mamiel.

Choose Soothe when you are feeling anxious and struggle to let go of that governing thought through the night. If your mind and stomach feel in constant turmoil, keeping you from restful sleep or making you wake frequently.

Soothe provides a welcome balance and stops that uncomfortable churning feeling we hold in our centre, promoting abundant good quality sleep. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passionflower oil to maximise the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc and B Vitamins that are essential for quality sleep. Together with the essential oils, this consoling blend clears your mind of turbulence, easing anxiety and allowing for an extended, deep and peaceful slumber.

Rise by De Mamiel

De Mamiel Rise 10ml

Revive your tired energy and awaken your inner warrior come morning! Turn to Rise by De Mamiel if you feel exhausted and bone tired in the mornings. When the tank is empty and you need to boost and stimulate your system to face the day.

Rise unlocks and harnesses your core energy reserves when you are feeling tired after a bad night’s sleep. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, milk thistle and jojoba to support the flow of energy around the body. Together with the essential oils, this potent blend has been formulated specifically to revitalise and get you going after a sleepless night.

Holistic Silk Hot Water Bottle ‘Rose Velvet’

A Hot Water Bottle is one of the best tools for stress relief and comfort.

Our reassuring, soothing and super luxurious Silk Velvet version of a classic favourite induces relaxation and sleep and comes complete with a high-quality Fashy™ bottle to bring luxury, warmth and comfort at any time of the day. Glamorous enough to use at work and on the move.

Perfect for common ailments such as stomach, back and neck ache and of course for keeping you warm through the night. Covered in super soft Silk Velvet with a sumptuous Cotton Velvet lining to keep you warm for hours. Our Hot Water Bottle comes with a superior quality 2-litre Fashy bottle plus a removable pure Lavender sachet to emit a subtle scent. You will never want to go to bed without it.

Our Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottles come with a superior quality 2-litre Fashy™ bottle plus a removable pure Lavender sachet to emit a subtle scent.


At, you may discover one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day present collections to purchase something unique for the spa enthusiast and prepare everything your mother needs for making spa-day at home.

Discover Mauli products created with your wellbeing in mind. This unique brand is a celebration of love, nature, tradition and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring. A sacred red thread known as ‘mauli’ forms an integral part of India’s blessing rituals. It is given to friends and family as a symbol of protection, connection and wellbeing.

Mauli multi-layered Himalayan Healing Salts

Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts 460g

Mauli multi-layered Himalayan Healing Salts combines the unique vibrational energy of Himalayan pink salts (which contain 84 of the 92 trace minerals found in the body), infused with a blend of 13 exquisite therapeutic oils, laced with soothing powdered rose quartz crystals to bring a sense of wellbeing, clarity and calm in an overly stimulated world.

A perfect wellbeing gift to self and others, our exquisite healing blend is offered in a re-usable steel vessel to better preserve its integrity and accompanied by an engraved spoon.


Nothing is more evocative of time and place than a scent, the fragrance evokes the ultimate nostalgia. Imagine the aroma of fresh rain falling gently over tropical citrus groves in the warmth of a summer evening… Prepare to fall in love with the Bless Essence!

Leahlani Skincare Bless Essence

Leahlani Skincare Bless Essence 14.8ml

Citrus blossoms and sweet tansy swirls will envelop your senses in a tropical bouquet of bliss. Melt into the precious moments of your day with the love, tranquillity, and essence of Bless. Her beautiful colour is reminiscent of the reflection of the lush mountains on the surface of the shallow waters of the Hawaiian sea.

Bless aromatic essence can be used as a perfume or an aromatherapy treatment to evoke grounding feelings of comfort, harmony, positivity, and aloha with each use. 

Bless is a melange of sweet and delicate citrus blossoms and blue tansy essential oils. Together, this blend will help to put your mind at ease in an instant, calming the nerves while reducing stress and anxiety. 

So if mother’s day is a celebration of all the wonderful things mothers do for us, what are some good mother’s day gifts ideas? What can we do to show our mothers how much we appreciate them? The best way to show your mother how much you care is with a heartfelt gift.

Something that says “I love you” and “Thank you for being my mother”.

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