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Mum Gifts For Mothering Sunday

An occasion that is as special as Mothering Sunday should be remembered and celebrated. And if you’re still clueless on what to give your mum this coming March 26, below we present some of the best mum gifts to help you out.

But before exploring the best Mothering Sunday gifts, let’s keep the excitement up by unravelling some of the most interesting facts to mark this occasion.

Mothering Sunday 2017

While in most parts of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 14, the occasion comes early in the UK. Mothering Sunday 2017 will be celebrated on Sunday, March 26–a time for families to show their appreciation for their mothers.

Giving mum gifts is a typical part of the tradition and there are really no strict rules on what to give. However, you will be surprised about how others have gone too far for their mothers. These are the people who didn’t mind exerting greater effort, money and time to give their mothers the best gifts that went down in history.

If you think you’ve already given the best gifts for your mum, you have to see this.Here is a list of the most unusual and hard-to-beat mum gifts that went down in history!



Image Source: Wikimedia Commons by Jakub Hałun

It was in 1750 when Emperor Qianlong commissioned the Summer Palace as a birthday present for his mom on her 60th birthday. It is the biggest imperial garden in the world that it took 15 years to finish!


Image Source: Flickr byLORAC!

In 1913, Tsar Nicholas II, the Russian ruler gave his mom an expensive present–a Fabergé egg that is made of crystal, covered in more than 3,000 diamonds, and filled with white agate flowers in a platinum basket. Recently, it was sold at an auction for $5.48 million!


Image Source: Pinterest

Though Saddam Hussein is not one of the most loved world leaders, he surely knows how to make his mother feel loved and appreciated. In his Presidential Palace at Tikrit is another palace especially made for his mother. But that’s not all, inside it is a bathroom where a solid gold toilet can be found!


Image Source: The Houdini File

Harry Houdini is known for his death-defying escapes. But apart from his ability to escape jails and restraints, it is undeniable that he has an admirable love for his mom and treats her like a queen. Using his newfound riches, he bought his mom a dress that was originally made for Queen Victoria. But that’s not all, he also purchased a house for her in Harlem, New York.

Certainly, there are people who will give anything to make their mothers happy. But if you are one of the typical people, you don’t really have to spend your riches for the most precious gifts. What you need to know are the things that suit her passion and interests.

In the following section, you will find a range of options that will help you in finding the best Mothering Sunday gifts.


Whether you’re shopping for your mum, sister, or a friend, here are the top mum gifts that are sure to bring satisfaction and make her feel loved!


Mums love beautiful things and jewellery is one of those. There are different types of jewellery and you don’t really have to spend a lot to please your mum. Diamonds and charms are great, but you can have the more meaningful ones by choosing personalised jewellery.

Jewellery is one of the things that mums can’t easily say ‘no’ to, making it a very popular gift idea. Based on statistics, $3.9 billion is being spent on jewellery for mums.


Your mum deserves all the pampering that she can get. With most of her time being devoted to other things, it’s easy to see mothers losing track of their beauty routine. And as she ages, there is more reason to remind her to take care of herself and preserve a beautiful glow.

Not sure on what beauty products she prefers? Give her a beauty box to let her try how natural beauty products work. A  is also a great idea to give her the freedom to choose what she likes best.

Find  that can easily address your mum’s beauty needs. Look for those with anti-ageing properties to help restore her youthful glow. There are also natural body care products that can bring enormous improvements on her looks, especially with regular use. Certainly, if you can’t live without your natural makeup and beauty solutions, you also just can’t overlook the changing beauty needs of your mum.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers can easily melt a lady’s heart that’s why this is one of the most popular mum gifts that can make anyone feel special. Find your mum’s favourite blooms and attach a card to share your message with her.

In a study, it is revealed that blokes actually spend 25% more on flowers and Mothering Sunday gifts than the presents their loved ones receive on Valentine’s day.


It’s her special day and you can take her out on a date at her favourite restaurant. Good food never fails to bring satisfaction and if in luck, you’d even be able to avail of a special treat for your mum!

According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, , as 38% of consumers spend the occasion in a restaurant. And among them, 59% celebrate at dinner, 51% at lunchtime, while 22% at breakfast.


Mothering Sunday is a once a year occasion and you can make it more memorable by spending a quality time with her. Spend a day out with your mum and make it fun. Moments spent together with a loved one are priceless. You can bond in a salon, spa, or at the park. If schedule and money are not an issue, you can take her on a trip to relax and enjoy amazing sights!

Spending time with your mum, or your parents, in general, is priceless! It can build bonds and positive experiences that will dwell in your mind. You may even be surprised to prove that the most .

Whether you choose expensive or more affordable mum gifts, just remember that the thought of showing your appreciation and love are the things that really count. There are different ways to make her feel special–all you have to do is to know what she wants best, make time, and go out of your way!

Have you found the best Mothering Sunday gifts for your mum? Find more interesting information about this special occasion in this Mother’s day article from our blog.

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