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Spring Nail Trends: Nail Colours And Fashion To Wear This Season

For the fashion conscious, it matters to be in the know of the latest trends. And whether you’re into clothes, hairstyles or nail trends, you have to be ahead of the trends to know what’s hot and what’s coming up.

Whether you love nail art or prefers the classy solid nail colours, there are the strikingly cool manicure and nail fashion that you should not miss this season. And because we don’t want you to be outdated, here’s an article that gives you a roundup of the spring nail trends–including the shapes, colours and designs that you’d definitely love to see on your nails!


Spring nail trends have a lot to offer, but before getting excited with the colours and design to wear this season, let’s first take a look at the nail shapes that guarantee to make a splash this season:

Short & Round – Easy to maintain, cute and typically works for anyone.  Short nails have made a comeback and look cute when worn with a range of nail colours.

Oval – If what you want is something more elegant and stylish, this nail shape is the right choice. Oval is the right shape to get more adventurous with nail designs without necessarily exaggerating it.

Almond – If you want more than the ordinary, but doesn’t want to go overboard, the almond nail shape is what you should wear this season. Keep it long and elegant with the right design.

Top Nail Colours to Wear this Spring


This isn’t a common colour used for nails, but you’ll love its effect that makes the skin surrounding it glow.


Here’s the perfect shade that will allow you to transition to spring perfectly. Ease into the trends by trying a lighter and grey blue colour.


If you are not a fan of red or pink, magenta is the right shade for you. This colour will give you the best of both worlds and will give you the perfect nails to match the season of spring.

#4. NEON

It takes confidence to flaunt this shade. But little did many people know that it looks upbeat and funky, it can easily complement a range of skin tones.


Spring is not just all about brightness. Choose a darker hue that’s perfect for the warmer months o spring and will look glamorous, too.

#6. GREY

Do you prefer neutral colours for your nail polish? Then grey is the way to go. This shade looks classy and simple but definitely works to complement the season–and will look really nice whether you’ll use it for your fingers or toes.

#7. RED

This is a versatile colour that goes with the season. This shade is, of course, sexy and playful. But it should also be noted that a nice red nail polish for your manicure won’t fail you in creating a glamorous and beautiful look.

Spring Nail Designs


For a subtle crackle effect that can enhance the usual pastel shade that you prefer, a marble nail design will be a perfect choice. For best results, use neutral shades that should moderate the look.


Maintain a bubbly spirit during this season by adding polka dots to your nails. This design is very trendy and a standout choice especially for spring.


Geometric nail art is classy and incorporates shapes and dashes of colour that you can wear all at the same time. Make it chic by choosing black and white, but you can also go for bolder colours to create a playful look.


This nail design looks elegant and classy–but another reason to love this is that it’s easy to do. By applying a strip of striping tape onto a section of a nail and using two shades of nail colour on each side, it is easier to get gorgeous hands.


Create a free flowing art with striped nail design. Striped nail designs look great and easy to apply. It even allows you to be as creative as you want to be when doing your design. Use a good base and play with the right shades for a nail design that you’d love to flaunt.


If what you want is a nail design that is fresh and natural, there’s no better choice than nude. Wear it as is, with French tips, or nail art. Whatever you choose your nails will look well prepped for Spring!


Ombre nail design is just perfect for the refreshing season of spring. Be artistic in creating the transition of colours. And whether you’ll choose cool and calm tones, or if you will go for the brighter shades, you can achieve the awesome transformation that you want.

Look classy, elegant, playful, or modern. There are several choices when it comes to the nail colours and designs to wear this spring, so you can be just as confident in wearing your nails, the same way that you feel great with your fashion choices.

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