Inside Susanne Kaufmann's World: The Essence of Organic Skincare
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Inside Susanne Kaufmann's World: The Essence of Organic Skincare

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Susanne Kaufmann, the visionary behind her namesake brand and a true advocate for organic skincare. Rooted in the Alpine tradition and committed to sustainability, Susanne Kaufmann's brand has become synonymous with the finest natural ingredients, ethical production, and eco-conscious packaging. In this in-depth conversation, we explore the origins and evolution of the brand, the innovative formulations that define its success, and Susanne's aspirations for shaping the future of the beauty industry. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Susanne Kaufmann and her unwavering dedication to organic skincare excellence.

- Can you speak about the role of natural ingredients in Susanne Kaufmann products, and the philosophy behind this choice?

We source many of our active natural ingredients in the rich environment of the Alpine regions around us. Unique, powerful plants such as Alpine willowherb extract, Alpine rose extract, mountain pine oil, spruce needle oil, masterwort extract, arnica, chamomile, marigold, lavender, and rosemary are all found in the area, and we utilise these ingredients in all our formulas. I grew up in the idyllic Austrian alpine region in the Bregenzerwald immersed in an understanding of the local traditions and the beauty and wellness benefits that could be found in the plants that grew in abundance in the area. This is where I formed my passion and curiosity for natural healing ingredients and powerful formulations. To this day, nature is still my biggest form of inspiration.

- How does Susanne Kaufmann approach sustainability, both in terms of ingredients sourcing and packaging?

Sustainability and transparency have been at the heart of Susanne Kaufmann since the very beginning. From the solar and thermal energy we use to power our production facilities, to the responsible sourcing of botanicals for our formulas and our innovative refillable packaging, the use of renewable resources, cutting edge science and intelligent product design have been integral to our production methods for almost two decades.

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- Can you tell us about the role of science and research in the development of Susanne Kaufmann’s products?

Our unique plant-based ingredients are combined with the latest scientific developments and pioneering bio technologies to bring you long-lasting, effective skin benefits. This means our product development is an ever-evolving story as research and science on ingredients safe for cosmetic use develops and we constantly review our list to ensure it meets our standards and criteria.

- How does Susanne Kaufmann adapt its products to different skin types and concerns?

Following a skin care routine tailored to you and your skin type will keep your skin feeling healthy and protected so you can look and feel your best self. At Susanne Kaufmann, we have a range of unique skincare lines that guarantee highly effective 24-hour skin care, day and night. Our dry/sensitive skincare range is formulated with Alpine Rose, which is a beautiful wild rose hand-picked in the mountains. It works to protect skin stem cells from environmental stress factors, increases the vitality of the cells, promotes skin regeneration, and strengthens the skin barrier. For target the needs of combination/oily skin we use Alpine Willowherb, a plant which is found close to our headquarters in Austria, which helps to reduce inflammation, fight skin impurities, reduces sebum production and minimises the appearance of pores so you can achieve optimal skin health whatever your skin type.

- How does Susanne Kaufmann incorporate the concept of wellness in its products and brand philosophy?

At Susanne Kaufmann, our philosophy is to support the skin’s natural functions so it can work at its best, allowing its vitality and beauty to shine. Our approach is holistic: we look at the whole picture and see skincare as a means of prevention so we can care for the skin’s specific needs with our tailored products and treatments for both face and body.

- How does Susanne Kaufmann differ from other skincare brands? 

Susanne believes that proven skincare science and the natural power of plants is the only way to create truly effective natural skincare. The knowledge of the healing power of the regional flora and its effect on beauty and health are at the very root of the brand. The beneficial properties of natural actives, adopting a local approach, and sourcing ingredients sustainably is something Susanne values highly and has inspired her research into local ingredients and suppliers to help reduce her carbon footprint and protect our Earth.

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