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Technological Tricks To Tackle Tiredness.

Most people look and feel better after a good night’s sleep. Whether you are prone to dry skin, bags under the eyes or spots, your normal beauty regime may not be enough if you haven’t had enough sleep. If you find that you still feel sluggish when you’re getting plenty, then it may be the quality of your sleep that is the problem.



Fortunately, modern technology has provided a range of apps and gadgets to help you maximise your down-time, such as the Sense system which monitors everything about your sleeping environment, such as the conditions in your bedroom – including noise, air quality and temperature. It also monitors your sleeping patterns in order to provide data that you can use to improve the quality of your sleep. Its alarm sounds at the perfect point in your sleep cycle so you feel wide awake as soon as you open your eyes.


© iWaku

If you hate getting up in the dark, the iWaku light is a dawn simulator designed to help you get out of the right side of bed. The light links up to your smartphone and is triggered by your sleep cycles to come on at the best time for you, and it also doubles up as a light box and an attractive piece of home decor.



We have all had the frustration of being unable to sleep because of noise, whether that’s a car alarm or the sound of a partner snoring. But with the Hush smart ear-buds, you can choose which sounds you hear and which you don’t to enable you to get a good night’s sleep, no matter what else is going on.


©Withings Aura

If the quality of your sleep needs drastic improvement, then you might want something that combines all these features, such as the Withings Aura, which uses a sensor mat, sound and light monitors, to really get to the heart of your sleep issues.



You may, however, wish to go for something simpler, such as the Brookstones Sleep Sound Machine, which has a choice of 12 different soothing sounds and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Whether you know why you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep or not, there is sure to be a way to help you feel more rested, even if that does mean sending your snoring spouse to sleep on the sofa!

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