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3 Luxurious Beauty Regimes For


2015 is the year of opulence when it comes to beauty. Rich, nutrient-packed creams, heady scents, and long lies in hot, lustrous baths amid curling floral steam.

Why not make it your new year’s resolution to create the perfect beauty regime for 2015? Here are a few insider tips on beauty regimes that are just coming in to trend.


Facial peels in a bottle are likely to become the product of choice for people looking to give their skin a deep, revitalising boost in 2015. In past years, facial peels were quite an ordeal, and were associated with trips to a clinic, astringent chemicals, days wrapped in bandages, and sometimes uncertain success.

Let us put that era behind us with the New Year, though, and opt for one of the up and coming vegan approved, organic, and gentle yet powerfully cleansing facial peels that come in chic, stylish bottles that can be used at home.


Try ‘The Clean Dirt’ by May Lindstrom, available at, for the ultimate in sophisticated, effective luxury without any of those dubious chemicals.


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One trend that looks set to become increasingly popular when it comes to beauty regimes 2015 is getting a DNA test to determine your optimum skincare regime.

These tests can now be done online, and will not only tell you information about what diet is best for you (several people have found themselves to be lactose intolerant as a result of these tests, for instance, leading them to make dietary changes that led to vastly improved health), but will also help you to determine what your skin most needs.

In particular, DNA testing will help to inform you about how your skin is likely to age: do you need to concentrate on giving yourself extra UV protection to combat sun-related pigmentation, for example, or would your money be better spent on investing in products for inflammation control?


High performance toners are also really coming into their own at the moment, and are going to be a big hit in 2015 it seems. Toning mists are not a new idea, of course, but in previous years they have often been little more than some scented water in a bottle. For a toner that really makes your skin look and feel firmer and radiant, why not opt for the all new Earth Tu Face toning mist, also at Alyaka, which increases collagen production among other benefits?

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