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Behind The Scenes Of Amly Botanicals: A Conversation With Co-Founder Kerry Moore

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Behind the Scenes of AMLY BOTANICALS: A Conversation with Co-Founder Kerry Moore

Are you tired of using skincare products that contain harmful chemicals? Look no further than AMLY BOTANICALS, a brand that is committed to using only natural and sustainable ingredients. One of the co-founders, Kerry Moore, has been the driving force behind the brand's success. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kerry and get the inside scoop on AMLY BOTANICALS. In this exclusive interview, Kerry shares her personal journey, the inspiration behind the brand, and her views on the beauty industry. We'll also reveal some exciting insights into the future of natural skincare. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let's dive into the world of AMLY BOTANICALS with Kerry Moore.
Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind starting Amly Skincare?
Lisa and I had been friends for many years when she moved to her organic farm and discovered an incredible water source. We decided to combine our experience of health & wellbeing and knowledge of the land to create products using the spring water and natural resources of the farm in the Sussex Downs that would not only be beautiful to use but that would enhance skin and wellbeing.
How do you ensure that all of your products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients?
Our materials are a unique mix of wild botanicals, some harvested from Hawthbush farm’s ancient meadows and hedgerows and the silver-rich waters that flow beneath it. Our craft is to capture of the benefits of this untamed nature. It’s essences are intuitively blended to provide aromatherapeutic scents. A rich understanding of the sensitivity of our ingredients to movement and heat, as well as the way they combine for maximum therapeutic effect, is a hugely important part of our work. We create and use the highest-grade essential oils, extracts and ingredients available, and place much value in the sensitivity of the way the plants are grown and picked, and how they are stirred and handled throughout each phase of the process.
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Can you talk about the most popular product in your line and what sets it apart from others in the same category?
Radiance Boost was the first product we created and is still one of our most popular blends. We set out to create a ‘holistic’ skincare range, that is, products that not only keep your skin healthy and glowing but with textures, scents and ingredients that enhance your wellbeing and encourage a mindful, self care ritual. The Radiance Boost evokes walking through the wildflower meadows at Hawthbush Farm, it is truly uplifting and packed with skin nurturing and hydrating ingredients, it really stands alone in the face mist category.
How do you stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the skincare industry?
We are both passionate about ingredients and love nothing better than researching new developments in cutting edge bioactive ingredients. Having said that we have a strong brand personality and as a heritage brand we tend to drift over the latest trends and rather strive to maintain the highest standards in both ingredients and production. We hugely appreciate the loyalty and trust our customers have placed in us.
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Can you discuss any challenges you have faced while building and growing the Amly brand?
There are constant challenges! As for everybody the last few years have meant we have had to constantly adapt to new circumstances. We have become more resilient as a result and we always look for the positives.
How does your brand give back to the community or prioritize sustainability?
At AMLY we tread carefully. The wildflower meadows, the hedgerows, the ancient woodland and the spring waters are our cherished resources, and we want not only to preserve them but also to shine a light on their conservation. We are returning cultivated land to the wild, replacing ancient hedgerows and taking care, while we share its goodness with you, not to deplete it. We are also proud to support the charity Plant Life. We also constantly strive to improve our sustainability. We make our products and boxes in the south of England in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, our boxes are FSC-certified, meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests. We use violet glass bottles and jars as they are fully recyclable as well as increase the vitality and potency of our ingredients by providing a natural filter that both protects and improves the quality of our formulations.
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How does aromatherapy play a role in the Amly products and skincare ritual?
They are a vital part of AMLY and our very unique scent profiles were created by Lisa and I alongside a gifted natural perfumer to achieve both the desired purpose and, of course, a beautiful scent. All of the products apart from Eye Care & Cocoon Me contain a complex blend of essential oils and hydrolates.
Can you discuss any specific ingredients or techniques used in the Amly products that promote relaxation and stress-relief?
From the picking of the plants at Hawthbush Farm in line with Biodynamic principles to hand blending the products, everything we do has a natural rhythm and we hope this can be felt when using the products. Our SLEEP range was created to prepare both skin and mind for a deep, healthy, replenishing sleep. The soft, earthy scent and powdery sweet notes, when used as part of your nightly ritual, signals to the brain it is time to wind down. The Beauty Sleep Mist can also be used whenever you are feeling stressed and the Restore Essential Oil is great to use in a room diffuser or blended with the Cocoon Me to soothe and calm the senses.
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Can you talk about the importance of incorporating mindfulness and self-care into a skincare routine and how Amly products support this?
Amly is the result of many years of holistic trainings, considering not only anatomy and physiology, but the emotional and spiritual too. This approach becomes ever more vital when combined with our embodied understanding of nature, its rhythms and how we as a ‘whole being’ resonate with it. This combined understanding comes together through our founders in an alchemy of ‘holistic’ knowing, beautifully melded into the blends we deliver into your hands. Using a light touch, mindful breathing and meditative body awareness, our morning and evening skincare rituals become daily wellbeing treatments - deepening our mind/body connection and offering an opportunity to be in a deeper relationship with our health.
How does Amly products address the specific needs of different skin types and concerns?
Our AMLY philosophy means we prefer not to label our skin but rather listen and pay attention to how our skin is feeling in the moment. We are mindful that our skin changes constantly in response to both internal and external conditions.
Below are some of AMLY Skincare recommendations to address some of these challenges.

Everyday routine for healthy, hydrated skin:

• PM- Deep Reveal - (double cleanse)
• Beauty Sleep
• Nocturnal Nectar
• Sleep Tight
• AM- Radiance Boost
• Meadow Dew
• Day Light
• Use Deep Reveal as a mask 1-2 x per week
• Mist throughout the day with Radiance Boost

Dry, stressed skin:

• PM- Deep Reveal (double cleanse)
• Beauty Sleep • Nocturnal Nectar
• Sleep Tight
• AM- Radiance Boost
• Meadow Dew
• Either Day Light or Sleep Tight
• Use Sleep Tight as a nourishing mask 2 x per week
• Mist throughout the day with either Radiance Boost or Beauty Sleep

Hormonal Breakouts / Teenage Skin:

• PM- Deep Reveal (double cleanse)
• Digital Detox
• Nocturnal Nectar
• AM- Digital Detox
• Meadow Dew
• City Screen
• Use Deep Reveal as a mask 1-2 x per week
• Mist throughout the day with Digital Detox

Unsettled, irritated skin:

• Incorporate either one or, if possible, both Facial Essences to help rebalance the ph of the skin. This helps calm irritated skin, settle breakouts and remove dry skin patches.

Top Tips

Pre-ski & post sun skin:
• Apply a layer of Sleep Tight to heal and protect yourself.


• Apply City Screen as a primer

Post makeup:

• Mist with Radiance Boost or press Meadow Dew into the skin to achieve a dewy glow.

Dry hands, feet and dry areas on the body.

• Use Sleep Tight overnight to heal & repair

Dull, lifeless skin.

Apply Meadow Dew &/or Nocturnal Nectar daily to remove dead skin cells, brighten and nourish.
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