We love, adore, and admire Ellis Faas because their brand is associated with more than cosmetics. Instead of focusing on what will make someone temporarily beautiful, this brand strives to be artistic, imaginative, and creative.

It is not unusual to see Ellis Faas models decked out in patterned lipsticks with blush thrown over their cheeks‚ a tribute to Monet and a plethora of other artists. They often tell stories about their makeup collections in a series of colourful, amazing photographs.

Another reason we love Ellis Faas is that this brand expects and upholds a standard from its suppliers. Their products are cruelty-free, using only the ingredients that would work best on human skin.

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Read More About The Brand

The Brilliant Creator behind Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas is not only a brand ‚Äď she is one of the most legendary, influential makeup artists of her time, so sayeth Vogue Paris Magazine. She has worked in the world of fame and celebrities for decades, with some of the leading celebrities from around the world. Her heart and passion resides in fashion with a dash of true artistry. Born in the Netherlands, this creative beauty has always had a strong passion for fashion. She would plaster Vogue magazine covers across her bedroom walls, reveling in the art of makeup and photography. She combines both of these loves in her brand, enlisting a crew of helpful, amazing minds to help her.

The Explanation behind Human Colours

Who could see the loveliness in the purple and blue of a fresh bruise? Or the bright red of spilled blood? Ellis Faas can. Human Colours, the brand philosophy, takes the natural colors of the human body into account. From crimson and vibrant pink, to pure plum and stark blue, the idea of Human Colours is to use a palette that would only ever be seen within, or on, someone’s body. Some people call this macabre, while we have dubbed it brilliant and unique. Ellis Faas complements every skin tone and texture, because her cosmetics are designed to bring out the universal richness, softness, and boldness of the human condition.

Only Tested On SuperModels

No supermodels were harmed in the making of Ellis Faas cosmetics‚Ķbut neither were animals. This is a running joke for the creative minds of Ellis Faas, as they are often asked about their cruelty-free policies. In great detail, they have explained in numerous interviews that there are three must-do things that their suppliers MUST DO to get their approval: ‚óŹ Finished products, textures, shades‚Ķeverything, cannot be tested on animals at any time. ‚óŹ The ingredients cannot, ever, be tested on animals. ‚óŹ Adhering to the EU Fixed Cut off Date scheme, no elements within the ingredients can EVER be tested on animals. Obviously, the cruelty-free rules are ones Ellis Faas takes VERY seriously.

The Art of Ellis Faas

Before launching a collection of cosmetics, Ellis Faas was an amazing photographer who traveled the world to get the perfect photographs of beautiful supermodels. She has rubbed elbows with the rich, famous, and gorgeous, photographing them all for her portfolio. Since beginning a cosmetics collection, with the brand of her namesake, she has incorporated her passion for photography, and art in general, with her love of makeup and fashion. She captures every new color…every emotion, with her camera and the swipe of a makeup brush. Her art, as well as her cosmetics, are renowned in the fashion industry, and both of her passions often appear in global magazines, such as Elle and Vogue.

What You Can Expect from Ellis Faas Collections

Ellis Faas is a brand dedicated to color and boldness. As a woman, Ellis Faas embodies an artist in every sense of the word. As a brand, Ellis Faas draws inspiration from vibrancy. You can expect to find eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and cosmetic sets in dazzling shades of pink, blue, plum, lavender, neon green, and hundreds of colors in between. There is even a cosmetic collection devoted to the color red, displaying makeup in as many shades of red as you can imagine. You can expect sparkles, glitter, and grandeur! The Ellis Faas collections goes through ranges of different emotions, each alluringly represented in dramatic colors and intriguing textures.