You can enhance your features, rather than disguise them for achieving natural makeup look. It's a simple approach that focuses on skin, eyes, and lips and brings out their best of you in a subtle, yet stunning way. It takes less time and you will use fewer  products to achieve this look. All over colour, Etruscan is the perfect neutral with a hint of warm pink, that brings out your natural eye, cheek and lip colour. Paired with soft glowy skin, you will have a natural look that suits you from morning and into the evening.


1. Start by moisturising your skin with your favourite face oil, balm or moisturiser.
2. To achieve an effortless even skin tone - mix any of the Skin enhancer shades into your perfect match for your skin tone. Give your Skin enhancer added lustre and less coverage by mixing it with All over shine, Cristallo before application. Apply with fingers or foundation brush. As a concealer, apply the Skin enhancer with fingers or concealer brush on areas that need more coverage.
3. Apply the All over colour, Etruscan all over the eyelid and all the way up to the brow bone. Blend the shade on eyelids and smudge it out in the crease line and under the eyes. Apply a small amount under the eyes closest to the lash line and blend out.
4. Apply All over colour, Etruscan gently dabbed as a blush on the cheeks.
5. Add Strobelighter, Sunrise on top of cheekbones, on the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes and nose bridge for highlighting. Apply a small amount of the Silk finish powder, Translucent with a powder puff or powder brush on the t-zone. Leave the areas where you want to have a glowy finish.
7. Apply All over colour, Etruscan on lips with fingers or a lip brush
8. Fill in your eyebrows with a straight or angled thin brush by mixing any of the shades of the Custom eve and brow quad, Earth and clav.
9 Apply a tiny amount of All over shine, Cristallo on eyebrows with a spooly brush or fingers to hold them in place.
10. Apply Precision mascara, Obsidian on lower lashes. Let it dry and apply on upper lashes.

- Skin enhancer, Sarcoline
- All over colour; Etruscan
- Strobelighter, Sunrise
- Silk finish powder, Translucent
- Custom eye and brow quad, Earth and clay
- All over shine, Cristallo
- Precision mascara, Obsidian

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