The uka nail oil products are everything that Alyaka's products represent – organic, addictive and beautifying. Caring for your nails is a beauty experience that is often overlooked by women, because it is such a boring repetitive process. uka’s nail oil products have changed this experience immensely and turned it into an enthusiastic and rejuvenating process that will make a woman feel refreshed and truly beautiful.

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Kiho Watanabe is not your typical manicurist from Tokyo who spends all day in a salon. She is a nail art/care instructor and is also a designated manicurist for the media. She also manages the uka salon that she founded and is actively involved in brand, and product development. Her beauty work and advancement of the Japanese beauty industry has garnered her worldwide attention. Kiho is highly sought after for her focus on nail care treatments to achieve healthy nails. As president and producer for uka, Kiho is currently opening new salons and continuing to grow her globally recognized brand.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is the base for uka’s nail oils collection and is the main reason the products are so truly amazing. Argan Oil is extracted from the kemels of Morocco’s Argan tree. It is a rare ingredient that is known for its healing properties. You can see the results of this amazing product first-hand on your glowing and healthy nails when you use uka’s nail oils collection. Argan oil will aid in hydrating your nails and cuticles, and is found in all five of the nail oils offered by uka. Experience the total beauty of uka.


uka means emergence in Japanese —that moment when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Our hope is that every woman and man to beautifully shine with maturity, helping us spread beauty in the world just as butterflies carrying pollen from flower to flower. It is with such hope that uka was named. The concept of the uka salons is “The salon where you encounter the most happiest occasions in the world”. Becoming more beautiful leads to happiness: the pleasure of being beautiful and being complimented. Hair, nails, hands, skin, face, and fragrance… we want to help you enhance your beauty and boost your happiness.

uka Nail Oils Collection

uka’s Nail Oil is luxury for your fingertips. The formulas are full of skin-protecting natural essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants, with argan oil being the star of the show, which is known for its healing properties. The nail oil collection is known to deeply hydrate and nourish your nails, cuticles and skin, while soothing your fingers and hands. Aromatherapy from the nail oils will help to erase anxiety, fatigue and everyday stress. The bottles are perfectly portable and offer an easy-to-use spill proof rollerball applicator. The great thing about the nail oils collection from uka is that it can also be used on the lips, worn on the neck and décolletage as a perfume, or rolled onto the shoulders as a mini massage.

Hair Treatment Serie 1

HTS1 hair care line is dedicated with uka' s hope for you to always have a healthy scalp and stunning hair as if you just walked out of a salon. uka scalp cleanser and shampoos combine optimal levels of 15 different amino acids as principal active ingredients. The extremely fine, feathery amino acids foam gently wash scalp and hair while restoring suppleness. Naturally-derived γ-docosalactone is also incorporated into all uka shampoos and treatments. Under the heat of the dryer, this ingredient reacts with the hair’s internal amino acids to create long-lasting strength, resilience, and shine.