Max&Me Skincare Beauty Routine - Oily & Congested

Welcome, beautiful, to a magical journey of flow and release. We understand the frustration and discomfort that comes with oily and congested skin. The congestion is a culmination of various factors such as environmental stress, diet, humidity, sweat, and over-exfoliation, which causes the skin to produce excess sebum. Congestion can lead to clogged pores, visible blackheads and whiteheads, and an accumulation of dead skin cells.
Our ceremony of ‘flow’ focuses on identifying and freeing blockages both physically and energetically, to promote lymphatic drainage and bring balance to your skin. Our core products work together to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin, while addressing the root causes of congestion in your life.
Our Purity&Grace cleansing elixir gently melts into your skin, unlocking hidden blockages within, while our Mask & Wash provides potent enzymatic-rich, bioactive raw Manuka honey to deliver intense hydration, strengthen capillary walls and soothe inflammation.
Finish with our Beauty Balm, which encourages flow by bringing balance and calmness to your skin. Our sweet bouquet of ylang-ylang, sandalwood and jasmine create a symphony of healing that helps unclog pores, reduce inflammation and fade scars.
Join us in this ceremony of flow and movement, as we celebrate the beauty of your skin and promote its natural balance and radiance.

Mask & Wash

Mask & Wash is the ultimate superhero that tackles the underlying issues of congestion and excess sebum production. Raw Manuka Honey and Kaolin Clay team up to oxygenate your pores, while gentle enzymes delicately slough away dead skin cells. The addition of Mangosteen beads helps with fine exfoliation through facial massage, leaving your skin brighter, lighter, and flowing smoothly. Bacteria-balancing Manuka Honey and Oil, as well as Propolis, help to prevent and ease breakouts, releasing redness and taming inflammation. This luxurious mousse not only purifies your skin but also reinforces your innate rhythm, making you feel in harmony with yourself once again.

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Purity & Grace

Say goodbye to congested, oily skin with this cleansing elixir that nourishes, balances and respects your skin's natural hydro-lipid barrier. The fragrant blend of powerful essential oils helps to unlock hidden blockages, while the facial massage encourages lymphatic drainage, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This inclusive cleansing oil gently yet effectively traps and lifts away impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum, releasing what no longer serves you. You'll be left with freshly cleansed, silky smooth skin that radiates with renewed energy. Don't forget to whisper the magic words "Open Sesame" as you sweep away the impurities, and let the energy flow freely.

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I Am The Light

I Am The Light, a face oil specially crafted for those on a journey to vibrant skin. The radiant bouquet of this oil has the power to move microcirculation, qi, and lymph, allowing you to be in the flow once again, feeling radiant and wide awake. This luminous blend balances sebum production while toning and invigorating your skin, reinforced with antioxidants and skin barrier support. The nectar of glow brightens your face and mind, energetically formulated to gain clarity through third eye connection. Let the delicately exotic bouquet transport you to a balmy Indian evening with the sweet scents of Jasmine, Frangipani, Cypriol, and Pink Lotus. Experience the magic of I Am The Light and glow with confidence.

Max&Me I Am The Light’ Face Oil 30ml - Free Shipping
Max&Me I Am The Light’ Face Oil 30ml - Free Shipping

Max&Me I Am The Light' Face Oil 30ml

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Want Some More?

The Intuitive

If you're a unicorn struggling with congestion, your skin needs hydration that won't overwhelm it. The Intuitive Face Mist delivers gentle, antiseptic tonics of Wild Agonis and Witch Hazel, along with calming waters of Yarrow, Neroli, and Blue Tansy Oil to soothe and support your skin's barrier function. This mist also works to purify and clear stagnant energy, an important step in breaking up congestion. Start and end your skincare ceremony with a generous misting of The Intuitive, taking deep breaths and letting the botanicals work their magic. Always apply The Intuitive over your skin prior to using any other products.

The Cloth

Experience the exquisite exfoliation benefits of this handcrafted Cloth when used in circular movements to sweep off Mask&Wash or Purity&Grace. Made of high-vibe materials with skincare benefits, the Cloth features purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), mineral-rich Seacell from Icelandic Algae, and Austrian organic linen traditionally knitted in a weaving mill. Add this Cloth to your cleansing routine for even more flow and balance in your skincare ceremony.