Hi beautiful, we are glad to share some magic with you here. Experiencing congestion in your skin can feel, well, very stuck and layered...and you would be right. It’s a summation of so many different things that affect your skin, ranging from environmental stress, diet, humidity, sweat or even over exfoliation. At its core, congestion is often a misguided act of love by the skin to protect itself by over producing sebum in response to some kind of imbalance. Constant build-up of sebum can lead to clogged pores, visible white or black heads, and an accumulation of dead skin cells. Your skin might feel rough or bumpy in texture and suffer from bouts of breakouts, redness and dullness. You are about to explore what we like to call the ceremony of ‘flow’, focusing on identifying and freeing blockages, both physically and energetically. When cleansing and moisturizing, a focus on movement that encourage lymphatic drainage is curcial to the ceremony, along with identifying the root of any added sources of congestion in your life.

Mask & Wash

An absolute superhero that helps you handle the bigger underlying issues of congestion and sebum overproduction. Its hero ingredient Raw Manuka Honey together with Kaolin Clay oxygenates pores, literally purifying them, while gentle enzymes slough away dead skin cells.

Add to this a fine exfoliation by releasing the Mangosteen beads through facial massage and yours is a brightness, a lightness and a flow you have been longing for so long. Bacteria-balancing Manuka Honey and Oil as well as Propolis help to prevent and ease breakouts, releasing redness, taming inflammation. Energetically this indulgent mousse reinforces your innate rhythm - see and feel how everything falls into place again.

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Purity & Grace

This is the greatest relief of all for congested, oily skin: a cleanse that balances sebum production, boosts microcirculation, ignites the flow and deeply respects skin’s hydro-lipid barrier. Paired with facial massage that encourages lymphatic drainage you will feel newly born.

Take your time and let this clearing elixir melt into your skin as the fragrant bouquet of mighty essential oils helps to unlock hidden blockages within. This inclusive cleansing oil gently yet powerfully traps and lifts away impurities, dead skin cells, excess sebum - releasing what no longer serves you. Leaves freshly cleansed skin that is silky to the touch, whilst attending to higher needs, such as clearing the energy, releasing old patterns. Did we mention the magic words you can whisper when sweeping away? Open sesame.

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I Am The Light

This face oil seems to be made just for you as you venture on a journey from congested to vibrant skin. The radiant bouquet has mastery in moving microcirculation, qi and the lymph. You are in the flow again, feeling radiant and wide awake.

Balancing sebum production this luminous blend sinks in fast and seamlessly, while toning and invigorating, reenforcing with antioxidants and skin barrier support. This nectar of glow brightens face and mind, energetically formulated to gain clarity through third eye connection. Let the delicately exotic bouquet transport you to a balmy Indian eve cloaked in Jasmine, Frangipani, Cypriol and Pink Lotus.

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Want Some More?

The Intuitive

For a unicorn managing congestion, the delivery of essential hydration to the skin is key to slowly rebalance sebum production. Allow The Intuitive to support your skin’s barrier function and soothe with gentle, antiseptic tonics of Wild Agonis and Witch Hazel. Quench with calming waters of Yarrow and Neroli, delicately enriched with Blue Tansy Oil and Calendula. This mist shines most when it comes to purifying and clearing the energy which so often is the first step towards moving congestion and stagnation. Use to begin and end your ceremony by liberally misting around you and breath deep; always spray The Intuitive over your skin prior to enjoying any of the products that follow it.

The Cloth

This handcrafted Cloth can add to the flow by its exquisite exfoliation benefits when used to sweep off Mask&Wash or Purity&Grace in circular movements. Composed of high-vibe materials that also have skincare benefits: purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral rich Icelandic Algae, and Austrian organic linen, traditionally knitted in a weaving mill.