Hello Beautiful, we are glad you found your way here. We imagine that right now you are balancing a lot on your plate. Having a condition like rosacea or couperose requires detail-oriented attention and constant awareness of what can trigger a flare-up. You have to navigate so much knowledge and information; rest assured, we aren’t here to add to the noise. With such a complex condition, we feel the marriage of simplicity and strength in this ceremony can provide you with a powerful tool as you continue on your journey.

Countless tenderly written love notes from you all who suffer from rosacea are continuously pouring in. With the curation of Rescue Balm as the superhero to cool flushes and ignite deep self-healing to the refreshment and calm of The Intuitive, we have got you covered. The Collection with a presence as wide as the firmament, holds you.

And with a regular ritual helps you on your healing journey. You slow down. You soften. You rise and shine. Each ceremonial piece infuses you with light and love, regulation and balance, allowing the re-alignment of bodily tissues, improving overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin. This nurtures self-healing and has a pronounced effect on all cellular and biochemical processes in the body. The benefits can also be strongly felt emotionally and mentally, reinvigorating hope, releasing frustration and tension - letting you shine in all your beauty. And before anything the thoughts you think are important. Your inner pictures spread. The thoughts you think are messages you send to your cells, to your tissues, to all your bodily and energetic systems. The bright future seeking to come in asks one requirement: that you let yourself imagine how good and real it’s going to be.

The Intuitive

For a unicorn managing rosacea or couperose, the delivery of hydration to the skin is most essential. Allow The Intuitive to release heat from the skin without added stimulation. Each droplet that touches the skin provides an opportunity to support elasticity and reduce redness, calming the surface with waters of Yarrow and Calendula, delicately enriched with Blue Tansy Oil.

This mist shines most when it meets sensitive, challenging conditions. Use to begin and end your ceremony by liberally misting around you; always spray The Intuitive over your skin prior to enjoying any of the products that follow it. Additionally experience a deliciously cooling sensation when popping The Intuitive in the fridge, releasing flushes on your cheeks with this Master of Ceremony in a bottle.

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Rescue Balm

This tender whip has earned itself a global reputation of managing rosacea and couperose beautifully, paving the way to serene, silky-soft skin. ‘Soothe’ would be the middle name of this fine salve.

Rescue Balm imparts a cooling comfort to the skin, leaning on its core heart string of Murumuru Butter, Rosehip and Argan Oil to deeply moisturize and soften. A healing and calming remedy steps forward within the synergy of the ingredients: Palmarose & Rose, Wild Mountain Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Neroli, all working together to provide subtle encouragement of healing. Using only this product and The Intuitive for a period of time will be the reset your skin is craving when things feel out of control.

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Want Some More?


Cleansing as gently as can be. Let this nourishing elixir melt into your skin as you massage to unlock hidden blockages within. Use this oil blend to moisturize while stepping deeper into your ceremony;
releasing what no longer serves you, while leaning into the purifying bouquet. Leaves freshly cleansed skin that is silky to the touch, whilst attending to higher needs, such as energy clearing and turning your inner dialogue into a positive, nurturing voice.

Mask & Wash

The energy of serenity at its most beautiful. Find ease and elation with this calming master healer mousse. Let your skin be cushioned by one of the most potent, enzymatic rich, bioactive honeys in the world, delivering intense hydration, boosting skin’s immunity, strengthening the capillary walls. This Raw Manuka Honey-Hug is coupled with a rare blend of cooling butters, inflammation taming powders, soothing oils and the signature Sweet Serenity high-vibe bouquet, all swirled into a lush mousse. Dive into its delicate healing symphony to tame heat flushes and redness, whilst brightening the complexion, evening out skin tone. This glowy mask and cleanser also boosts collagen naturally and can help you to feel centered as well as cheering on the unicorn in you.

The Cloth

We set out to create a soft and effective cloth designed for daily cleansing and use, composed of high-vibe materials that also have skincare benefits.
The result is a beautifully durable yet soft cloth, made from purifying natural eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral rich Icelandic Algae and antimicrobial Austrian organic linen, with a healing reputation back to the medieval ages when it has been used to tend the wounds of the knights.