Max&Me Skincare Beauty Routine - Inflammed & Acne Prone

Welcome, beautiful. We understand that finding the right skincare can be a journey, and we want to help make it easier for you. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your skin concerns and the abundance of products out there, take a deep breath and let us guide you towards simplicity, minimalism, and high vibrancy.
Our ceremony is about taking a step back, approaching your skin with care, and encouraging its natural repair and vibrancy. Our core products, Mask&Wash and Rescue Balm, serenaded by The Intuitive, work together to calm redness, tame bacteria and inflammation, lessen scars, rebuild your disrupted skin barrier, and restore natural oil balance.
With Max and Me, you'll experience sweet, high-vibe moments that nurture you into a state of tenderness and stillness, where healing begins. These formulas will be your dream team, cheering on your skin as it works to restore its inherent vibrancy.
But it's not just about what you put on your skin. We encourage you to also look at your diet, lifestyle, and thoughts, as they send impulses to your every cell. Let our products, like Purity&Grace and The Intuitive, support you in turning your inward dialog into a positive, nurturing, healing voice.
Make Max and Me a permanent part of your self-care routine, and experience the love affair with a happy ending that your skin deserves.

The Intuitive

Introducing The Intuitive Face Mist, a lovingly foraged botanical mist that will help you release anxiety and stress, clear negative energy, and rise with hope and positivity. Whether you struggle with acne-prone skin or just need a moment to breathe and let go, this mist is here for you.
Take a deep breath and let the calming waters of The Intuitive soothe your skin and soul. With each mist, you'll create a moment of self-care and inner peace. Use it to begin and end your skincare routine, or anytime you need a refreshing boost throughout the day.
As a unicorn, you understand the importance of focusing on the journey ahead while also understanding what brought you to this point. Let The Intuitive be your companion on this journey, helping you release fears and tension, and embracing a positive, nurturing mindset. Make sure to spray The Intuitive over your skin prior to using any of the products that follow it, and feel the healing power of this gentle yet effective mist.

Max&Me The Intuitive Face Mist 100ml
Max&Me The Intuitive Face Mist 100ml
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Max&Me The Intuitive Face Mist 100ml

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Mask & Wash

Mask&Wash is the perfect ally to join you on your journey towards radiant skin. This powerhouse mousse is packed with potent antimicrobial and pore-clearing ingredients like Raw Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, and Propolis. The addition of Mangosteen Powder helps to reduce inflammation while super antioxidant Cacao fights against oxidative stress. The magic of beauty oils and Kaolin Clay works to keep your pores clear, while Immortelle Oil helps to soothe inflammation, speed up the skin's natural repair process, and fade the appearance of scars with the powerful support of Manuka Honey. With Mask&Wash, you can feel confident and trust in your own skin's healing capacities as you reveal a beautifully balanced complexion. Use it up to twice a day to nourish your skin with its healing power.

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natural and ogranic skincare and makeup

Rescue Balm

Give your skin the comfort and care it deserves with Rescue Balm. This luxurious, whipped formula is a true lifesaver for inflamed, acne-prone, and traumatized skin. Infused with a soothing blend of healing butters and oils, it provides a gentle and calming touch to reduce redness and discomfort. The potent combination of cooling Murumuru Butter and nourishing oils releases heat, leaving your skin feeling serene and balanced. Its lightweight texture instantly absorbs into your skin, offering the ultimate support your skin needs in moments of stress and crisis. It's the perfect companion to help your skin restore its natural health and beauty, and it's always there for you whenever you need a little extra TLC. Trust us, this balm is truly a rescue in a jar.

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natural and ogranic skincare and makeup

Want Some More?


Discover the wonders of Purity&Grace - a silky elixir that effortlessly removes daily pollutants, makeup and debris, leaving your skin supple and smooth. This powerful cleanser combines the antibacterial properties of Tamanu with moisturizers, antioxidants, and Sea Buckthorn, making it perfect for reducing and preventing breakouts. Not only does it balance and regulate your skin, but it also helps to clear negative energy and transform your inner dialogue into a positive, encouraging voice.

The Cloth

Don't forget to use The Cloth, a soft and effective cloth designed for daily use that is composed of high-vibe materials with skincare benefits. Made from natural Eucalyptus fibers (OekoTex standard 100), Seacell from mineral-rich Icelandic Algae, and antimicrobial Austrian organic Linen, it has a healing reputation dating back to medieval times when it was used to tend the wounds of knights. Experience the gentle yet powerful cleansing of Purity&Grace paired with the healing properties of The Cloth for radiant, healthy skin.