Agent Nateur Holi (Creme) Filter Face Cream 50ml
Agent Nateur Holi (Creme) Filter Face Cream 50ml
Agent Nateur Holi (Creme) Filter Face Cream 50ml
Agent Nateur Holi (Creme) Filter Face Cream 50ml

Agent Nateur Holi Creme Filter Face Cream 50ml

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The much-requested transformative holi Creme filter face cream has finally arrived, and this super-luxurious moisturizing product has been created to instantly breathe life into any type of skin, even the most sensitive or acne-prone. Applied morning, day or night, holi (crème) is packed full of natural nutrients and powerful active ingredients that soothe, nourish and prime skin as well as deliver ultimate hydration and help with the appearance of skin texture.

Formulated without petroleum (and without fragrance or essential oils), holi (crème) is formulated with a revolutionary patented, eco-certified, environmentally-friendly emollient that glides onto skin, delivering a filtered, matte finish, all while ensuring ultimate hydration and without clogging your pores.

This formulation is powerful yet calming, powered by six revolutionary trademarked active ingredients. Cucumber distillate soothes, cares for, and hydrates all skin types - even the most sensitive of skin. Solanum Lycopersicum Tomato Fruit Extract is packed full of UV-absorbing, colourless carotenoids that help to protect your skin against free-radical induced damage and light absorbance, while Daisy Extract acts as a natural skin-evening agent that helps to nurture a balanced, even but luminous complexion and radiant skin. Olus Oil, Squalene and Vitamin E work to deeply hydrate, replenish, support dermal supplements and nourish smooth and glowing skin. Manuka honey applied topically, is highly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, and Calcium Ketogluconate - a French-patented, non-toxic, natural complex molecule helps restore the skin’s elasticity for a youthful, plump appearance, helping to deliver a sculptured and contoured look, whenever you use the product. holi (crème) deeply hydrates, revitalizes and nurtures your skin, neck & decolletage with a soothing, non-clogging, ultra-light texture that will never weigh down your skin.

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