Lilfox Succulent Pudding 50ml
Lilfox Succulent Pudding 50ml
Lilfox Succulent Pudding 50ml
Lilfox Succulent Pudding 50ml

Lilfox Succulent Pudding Super Calm Emulsion 50ml

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NEW!!! Silky Green Pudding with a Sea Foam Bounce.

Ultra-rich yet hydrating crema designed for normal-to-sensitive skin, and safe for acneic skin.  A finishing touch formula for daytime and evening that features groundbreaking biotechnology to inhibit the TRVP1 pain receptor in cells associated with reactive skin.  

This luxurious matcha green emulsion helps to instantly soothe and replenish dull, dry and sensitive skin. Powered with a proprietary LILFOX complex of actives which include: cell-communicating pentapeptides, 8 adaptogenic desert succulents, encapsulated niacinamide, brightening licorice root, and ceramides as well as skin-brightening fermented oats and minerals to nourish and calm reactive skin.
Targets visible concerns of dehydration, loss of firmness, redness, and fine lines.

This luxurious Lilfox Succulent Pudding Super Calm Emulsion instantly absorbs to deliver mega moisture and botanical healing.

Infused with organic guava, strawberry, passionfruit, and babbasu oils, this essential oil free formula has aromatics like a fresh pressed tropical green juice.

Experience softer, smoother, skin with visible lift and plumping.
This is a homage to our original Esthetician-only, back-bar emulsion. This updated version of an exclusive classic has long been requested by professionals and LILFOX insiders alike. We reformulated this with latest ingredients in Swiss biotech.  With a supercharged ingredient list, and a meticulously rebalanced texture, this emulsive masterpiece was honed with years of professional feedback.
PENTAPEPTIDE  a cell-communicating peptide modelled after the same function that  the protective sea anemone venom has a TRPV1 inhibitor sequence. This targets the pain receptor associated with reactive skin and inhibits this red, itchy, sensitizing reaction from occurring. 
FERMENTED OATS contain high concentrations of β-Glucans with a molecular weight range between 200k and 500k Daltons which are easily absorbed and help alleviate stress and damage in skin's cells.

ENCAPSULATED NIACINAMIDE slowly releases for the ultimate hydrating, skin barrier strengthening and brightening results. This soothing anti-inflammatory visibly improves the appearance of enlarged pores, pigmentation, fine lines and dullness without disrupting the barrier.
FERMENTED MINERALS (copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, silicon) which play a role in biochemical reactions of the extra-cellular matrix, while enhancing cell division, repair and growth. Copper for the skin, it is helpful in oxidizing vitamin C and works to form elastin.
ADAPTOGENIC 8 SUCCULENT COMPLEX for adapted protection from UV damage and harsh environmental conditions. 
HYALURONIC ACID + MARSHMALLOW ROOT for plumping and increasing hydration levels within cells. 

LICORICE ROOT for skin lightening, brightening, and soothing.
CERAMIDES + AMINO ACIDS for the ultimate in-cell hydration and skin barrier strengthening. 

The Apex of Ancient Botany and Clean Chemistry.

This is Intelligent Skin Couture. 

Skin Type: Hydrating, soothing, and plumping for all skin types, this essential oil free, medium-weight emulsion is crafted to be  extra gentle for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic for acneic types

RESULTS: Skin feels hydrated and cocooned in moisture. With smoother and plump appearance and a finish that's equal parts dew and matte. 

TEXTURE: Silky pudding with a sea-foam bounce.


Top: Juicy guava juice, cold pressed strawberries

Heart: Sour passionfruit

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